Marjorie Taylor Greene: 'Gates wants meat grown in peach tree dish'

Bizarre moment Marjorie Taylor Greene claims ‘Bill Gates wants you to eat his fake meat which grows in a PEACH TREE dish’

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene addressed her supporters online in the latest episode of her social media broadcast, MTG Live
  • The Georgia congresswoman, 48, declared that Bill Gates was working to promote meat alternatives grown in a ‘peach tree dish’
  • Gates does support research and development of meat replacements, to reduce climate-harming emissions from livestock rearing – but none made in a fruit bowl
  • Her latest gaffe comes after she warned about Nancy Pelosi using the ‘gazpacho police’ – instead of the ‘gestapo’ 
  • Taylor Greene’s comments were greeted with hilarity and much mockery online 

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been mocked online for claiming that Bill Gates wants you to eat meat grown in a ‘peach tree dish’.

The 48-year-old congresswoman, who graduated from high school and earned a degree in business administration from the University of Georgia, caused widespread amusement with her error.

‘You have to accept the fact that the government totally wants to provide surveillance on every part of your life,’ Greene said in the latest episode of MTG Live, broadcast on her social media channels.

‘They want to know when you are eating, they want to know if you are eating a cheeseburger – which is very bad because Bill Gates wants you to eat his fake meat that grows in a peach tree dish.’

Marjorie Taylor Greene has warned that Bill Gates wants people to eat meat grown in a ‘peach tree dish’

Bill Gates is seen on May 3, promoting his book How To Prevent the Next Pandemic

She continued: ‘So you will probably get a little zap inside your body and that is saying ‘no, no, don’t eat a real cheeseburger, eat the fake burger,’ the fake meat from Bill Gates.

‘They probably also want to know when you go to the bathroom, if your bowel movements are on time or consistent. I mean, what else do these people want to know?’

Greene, famed for her embrace of conspiracy theories, was referring to the meat alternatives such as Impossible Burger and Beyond.

Gates is an investor, either personally or through Breakthrough Energy Ventures, in several companies working to produce alternatives to meat, including Beyond Meats, Carbon Engineering, Impossible Foods, Memphis Meats, and Pivot Bio.

The UN estimates that livestock rearing makes up more than 14 percent of all man-made greenhouse gases, including methane, worldwide – with beef the worst culprit.

‘I do think all rich countries should move to 100 percent synthetic beef,’ he said, in an interview with MIT’s magazine in February 2021.

‘You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time.’

Gates has been vocal in his support for artificial meat, manufactured to combat climate change

Taylor Greene’s comments were met with ridicule.

Adam Kinzinger, her fellow Republican congressman, tweeted: ‘Oh my goodness. @RepMTG completely said ‘peach tree dish’!!!!!!’

One Twitter user suggested: ‘I propose using Marjorie Taylor Greene and her peach tree dish video for a ‘stay in school’ PSA.

‘Her stupidity is a terrible thing to waste.’

Another referenced her infamous February invocation of the ‘gazpacho police’, when she meant the gestapo.

Taylor Greene declared: ‘Not only do we have the DC jail which is the DC gulag, but now we have Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police spying on members of Congress, spying on the legislative work that we do, spying on our staff and spying on American citizens.’

On Monday, one person joked: ‘If you want to make sure Bill Gates can’t track you through your cheeseburger, always cook your meat in a peach tree dish. If the Gazpacho Police happen to show up, hit ’em with your space laser. Pew pew @RepMTG.’

Another said: ‘If I’m magnetized from the vaccine, do the cheeseburger tracking devices still work?’

Staff inside Impossible’s laboratory are seen at work on their burgers

The Impossible Burger is a product made from plants that is meant to taste like meat

Songwriter Richard Marx said: I owe @RepMTG an apology.

‘I have been mocking her intellect using example after example of her stupidity, not realizing that she’s actually someone who thinks things are made in a ‘peach tree dish.’ Yes. She’s…THAT stupid…and deserves our profound sympathy. Apologies.’

And another said: ‘A sitting member of Congress.

‘Marjorie Taylor Greene just warned everyone of the ‘fake meat’ that’s grown in a ‘peach tree dish’.

‘A sitting member of Congress.

‘Let that sink in.’

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