I removed my fox eye threads & my face swelled up like Ive got golf balls

A woman was left with golf ball-sized swelling in her forehead after getting her eyelift threading removed.

Jessie Carr, from Australia, booked a beauty therapy hoping to get a fox eye thread lift to raise the eyebrows.

The popular treatment is a minimally invasive alternative to the conventional surgical techniques by inserting soft threads under the skin to create the elongated eyelids, helping to create an almond eye shape.

But Jessie appeared to have a botched surgery, which left her in massive pain and severe swelling.

She even joked she looked like "MegaMind" and said she regretted going for a fox eye thread lift.

So Jessie decided to remove the threads and to allow her face heal.

But after the surgery, her face has turned swollen as she said in a TikTok video: "If you guys can’t tell, I got my threads removed.

“My face currently looks like I’ve got two golf balls on them.

“Basically they removed the threads that they could remove and they did agree that it was the best option.

“They removed the threads that were still there and cleaned it out, stitched it up and this is me now.

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"Hopefully after the swelling is gone I will just have a minor scar.

"It should be all good and I’m glad I got it done and it’s all over with."

Her video sparked a discussion as some viewers said it would be best to wait for the threads to dissolve.

But Jessie said: "Within the past weeks, I was noticing how bad it was, the threads were popping up in my face and I've seen no changes.

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"I was starting to feel liquids in the threads and there were inflammations."

Another suggested: "You can be allergic to the thread I was with my surgery from melanoma I still have stitches from a year ago coming out."

Others wished Jessie a speedy recovery and said she should use an ice roller to keep the swelling down.

"Take arnica to help with the swelling!" another wrote.

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