Women dress up as lads to spy on mates boyfriend in club – and even pull

A bunch of women dressed up as lads to ‘spy’ on their mate’s boyfriend in the club – and they even managed to ‘pull’ some ladies while they were at it.

Megan Pollicott and her mate banded together after one of their friends wanted to know what her other half was up to on a night out.

Instead of religiously scrolling through social media in hopes of finding clues, the women decided to go undercover instead.

To avoid suspicions, the bunch of glam babes decided to give themselves a very different look to avoid suspicion.

In a TikTok clip that has now racked up 1.9million views, Megan first shared a selfie where stunned with her long jet black hair, tanned complexion and flawless makeup.

But, the dark haired beauty was about to transform into a completely different person.

She explained: “We dressed up as boys to spy on our mate’s boyfriend at the club.”

Hilariously, Megan and her friend posed as lads as they donned hoodies and baggy jeans – they even flashed their Calvin Klein boxers as they imitated putting their hands down their trousers.

To really perfect the ‘lad’ look, the glam women donned caps, body warmers and drew on some stubble.

In the next clip, the women took to the club dancefloor as they busted some moves as their alter egos.

As they posed with a woman, they group claimed: “Me and bro pulled some b****es.”

At the end of night, Megan scratched off her “beard” after they finished their spying mission.

She said: “Funniest night ever.”

And it seems that they managed to get away without being detected, Megan claimed: “Honestly was so jokes, no one recognised us until we told them it was us.”

Since the clip went viral, many people fled to the comments to giggle at the extreme transformation.

One person commented: “Smashed it.”

Another user added: “Every girl needs friends like you.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Next level friendship.”

Someone else chuckled: “This is so funny.”

And, a fifth user tagged their friends and declared: “Next time our boys go out.”

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