Caitriona Balfes Outlander castmates scolded for naughty nude scene antics says co-star

This Morning: Sam Heughan on relationship with Caitriona Balfe

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Outlander star Annette Badland, 71, explained her “naughty” co-stars were told off after growing impatient during Caitriona Balfe’s nude scene on a closed set. Annette, who played fan favourite character Mrs. Fitz in the first season of the show, recalled how she had stayed with Caitriona Balfe, 42, for the long dress fitting process in an exclusive interview with

Annette explained how she got along “terribly well” with fellow cast members Sam Heughan, 41, and Caitriona while filming the first season of Outlander, cheekily adding that it was “great fun” to be surrounded by such “naughty lads” on set.

Comprising six seasons so far, Outlander is a historical drama show that takes place around the time of the Jacobite rising.

In the series, Glenna FitzGibbons, who is commonly known as Mrs. Fitz, is the head housekeeper of Castle Leoch and faces an uncertain future after the dissolution of the clans and destruction of the castle.

One scene early on shows “outlander” Claire donning a traditional dress for a lady of that era, which took quite some time to get on. 


Annette described the close bond she formed with lead actress Caitriona during that time.

“Cat is absolutely splendid and a wonderful human being and she’s just marvellous to work with,” she explained.

She discussed how they had bonded over Cat stripping naked for a time-consuming costume fitting while the impatient boys waited outside.

“We really kind of clicked and there was once a dressing scene we did and – because Terry Dresbach the designer is terribly authentic – the costumes had bum rolls, two under skirts, a bodice, something that had to be laced, no velcro to be seen…

“Cat had to be naked so it was a closed set – and Terry warned them that it would take time!” she continued with a laugh.

“But 20 mins later if you’re lacing up a corset and you’re putting an underskirt on… I ended up singing to her, I did all sorts of things just to fill the time! 

“They all wondered what the hell was going on back on the set. It just takes so long, getting the stockings on, getting the shoes on, the gloves, everything! 

“So that was quite amusing because we knew absolutely that it would take forever and Terry said, ‘I told them, they’re just not listening!’ So yes, that was all very funny.”

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When asked what it was like working on the set of Outlander, Annette revealed: “It was great!”

“Sam, myself and Tobias (Menzies) were the first three to be cast and I went up to Scotland for a costume fitting. 

“And Sam walked into the room and you kind of go, ‘Ooh’,” she admitted cheekily. 

“But what was really breathtaking is that he’s such a wonderful man. 


“So polite and doesn’t have any arrogance about him.”

She continued: “And it was just great fun to be with those naughty lads!”

When quizzed further she reiterated: “Oh they’re a naughty bunch! Very funny. Gary Lewis and I had also been man and wife in a film once, so all of that was wonderful.”

Outlander Season 6 is available today on StarzPlay. 

This month Annette is taking part in a fundraiser for Diabetes UK, which will see her swim 22 miles (the equivalent distance of the English Channel) over the course of the next month.

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