Want to go and punch their lights out Jane McDonald fumes as filming interrupted

Jane McDonald gets interrupted during filming

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Jane McDonald has travelled the world and met all kinds of people. In a recent repeat episode of Jane McDonald: Cruising the Nordics on Channel 5, the star had to stop herself from storming over and “punching” some skaters after they almost collided with her while she stood outside the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia. During the programme, she also visited Tallinn, Helsinki and Stockholm.

Recently Jane just wrapped up her newest Channel 5 travel show Holidaying with Jane McDonald: The Caribbean.

In a repeat episode of her adventures in the Nordics, the singing sensation swapped the Caribbean climate for something a little colder.

During the baltic special, Jane took viewers on her first Nordic cruise, which happened to be onboard the Viking Sky.

Her first stop was Tallinn in Estonia, where she visited the calm medieval town full of beautiful ancient architecture.

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However, her stop in St Petersburg got her a bit riled up.

Reading about the building from a website on her phone while standing outside the Hermitage Museum, she started to detail why the museum of art and culture was a must-see for any jet setter in the city.

She said: “It has 1,057 rooms and 117 staircases…” 

Before she could finish her sentence, two skateboarders came zooming by and interrupted the star.

Initially looking unscathed, she carried on and said: “Hello,” but as the second skater soared by her, she looked up and let out a shocked “aye up”.

Being circled by the skaters, she laughed and added: “I just want to go and punch their lights out.”

Finally composing herself, she continued: “And they say to get around all the exhibits in the Hermitage, you will need to spend 11 years of your life and walk 22 kilometres.

“Well, I can’t stay that long – the ship goes tomorrow.”

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With the episode airing a few times, many viewers used social media to share their love of the Yorkshire performer, with @odayski commenting: “Crying my eyes out watching this luxury cruise trip in Baltic sea with Jane McDonald.”

@adam792 referenced how Jane wanted to be the “fifth member of Abba” during the episode and commented: “Jane McDonald going on a cruise around the Baltic, ending with her having a dramatic singalong to The Winner Takes it All in Stockholm, Iconic.”

Anthony J.P added: “Just watched cruising with Jane McDonald, I really want to go on that Baltic cruise!”

Jane’s most recent cruising adventure, which took place in the Caribbean, finished last month.

During the four-part mini-series, Jane visited Barbados, St Lucia, Grenada and Antigua.

Her trip was full of hilarious and heartfelt moments as she visited the Caribbean islands and opened up about her past.

Jane has starred in 10 different shows on Channel 5.

Cruising with Jane McDonald The Baltic is available on My5.

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