This sold out beauty gadget will get rid of your split ends for good

This VERY popular beauty gadget claims to get rid of your split ends in a matter of minutes – so does it really work?

  • A woman went viral for sharing a beauty gadget that gets rid of split ends
  • Lucy Seitz uses the Split Ender Pro from Shaver Shop in the middle of salon visits
  • She sections her hair and runs each part through the device thrice when using
  • Thousands were captivated by the device while many more had their doubts

A beauty fan has taken the internet by storm after trying out a new gadget that promises to get rid of split ends in a matter of minutes. 

The product is the $229 Split Ender Pro 2 from the Shaver Shop which is so popular it has currently sold out online.

‘In the past month, I’ve been noticing an insane amount of split ends in my hair,’ TikTok star Lucy Seitz said in a video with almost four million views. ‘So I caved and bought a split end trimmer.’

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Influencer Lucy Seitz has gone viral for sharing her experience with a beauty gadget that promises to get rid of split ends immediately 

Lucy said that the product was extremely easy to use, with people just needing to section off their hair and run each small section through the device thrice

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How do you get rid of your split ends?

How do you get rid of your split ends?

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Lucy added, ‘It’s really easy to use – you just section your hair into small pieces and run each of them through the trimmer thrice, and voila!’

The product promises to safely trim the ends of the hair where damaged and split ends start while preserving beautiful, long, healthy hair.

Hundreds were immediately captivated by the device that was capable of making their lives easier.

‘I can’t believe this is the first I’m hearing of such a product – to think of all the hundreds I’ve spent in salons!’ said one woman. 

‘Your hair looks so healthy, I must try this.’

‘This works wonders! I have curly hair and use it all the time, I’ve never had a problem with it,’ added a third. 

But many were unconvinced.

‘I used this and it gave me so many split ends,’ said one woman. ‘I had to go for a dramatic cut just to fix my hair.’ 

‘This has no real way of detecting split ends, it will just cut off sections of your hair that are shorter like new growth.’

‘I am warning everyone, I fell for this and bought it,’ shared one woman. ‘It made my hair break off so much and it’s definitely not healthy.’

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