My 14 inch nails cost over £200 a month, my fiance loves them – but don't ask about how I go to the loo

IT SEEMS more and more women are getting fancy designs on their nails.

But growing them any longer than an couple of inches is usually out of the question.

Janene Reed, 51,started growing her nails in 2007 and hasn't looked back since.

She says growing her nails long and covering them in quirky designs is the equivalent of a tattoo or a piercing for her.

Her fiance, Robert, loves her 14 inch claws, in fact it was what got his attention when they first met in January 2020 in a casino.

Robert said: "My first reaction to seeing Janene for the first time, I was taken back, astounded, amazed.

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"I was like, is that possible? Did I see what I think I saw?"

Janene decided to grow her nails long after growing up in a strict household in New Jersey where she wasn't allowed to wear nail polish at all.

She said: "When I became an adult and had the ability to pay to get my nails done, I started."

She now gets her nails done every three weeks, coughing up around £237 for the glitzy designs.

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Her go-to look involves gluing various buttons onto her nails, which only adds to the difficulty of day-to-day tasks like putting on jewellery – Janene has to buy elastic bracelets to fit over her lengthy nails.

As for cooking and cleaning, luckily her fiance Robert is there to do the majority of the tasks.

"Of course I have challenges with my nails," she said, "I just have to work around them and have resources to to support whatever we need to do, like driving.

"Because we cook together he usually takes care of the meat and I do the vegetables," she said, admitting that she does "minimal in the kitchen."

"I know everyone always talks about the bathroom issue, there's always going to be something negative.

"I'm still a human being, I just love the artistry of nails."

When it comes to taking care of her talons, Janene takes the time to wash her nails.

She washes the top and bottom of her nails, but has to do each hand separately "because both hands wont fit in the sink, obviously."

She added: "I clean under my nails with alcohol twice a week, unless we go out," in which case she takes her alcohol pads with her.

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Not everyone is a fan of her extra long nails, in fact Janene gets a lot hate and unwelcomed judgement when she's out, but negativity doesn't bother her as it means she stands out.

She's part of a group of women called the long nail goddesses – a group of women who all have extra long nails like Janene and don them with intricate artwork.

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