38 Amazon Father's Day gifts 2022

Father's Day is next month, and one of the best places to look for gifts is on Amazon.

The online retailer stocks a huge range of options, ranging from electronics, gadgets, alcohol and other options.

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  • Father's Day gifts at Amazon – shop here

If – like lots of blokes – your dad is difficult to buy Father's Day gifts for, one great place to go shopping is on Amazon.

And we don't just mean cheesy, disposable, themed gifts either: you'll find plenty of well-known brands and products on Amazon.

Better still, the retail giant offers some of the best turnaround times too, with next-day and even same-day delivery options available (though sometimes this is only available to Prime subscribers).

Feeling a bit overwhelming by the sheer choice of Father's Day gifts on Amazon? Panic not: we've got you covered.

In this article, we've listed some of our favourite Amazon Father's Day gift ideas – they range in budget, but all are likely to put a smile on your dad's face when the big day arrives.

For customisable options, there's also our pick of the best personalised Father's Day gifts.

When is Father's Day 2022?

This year, Father's Day lands on Sunday 19 June.

Unlike Mother's Day, Father's Day happens on the same day in both the US and UK.

You'll always find that Father's Day takes place on the third Sunday of June.

Amazon Father's Day alcohol gifts

1. Beer Hawk Craft Beer Discovery Gift Set

It might not be the most original of gifts, but we're sure your dad will appreciate this 5-pack set of lagers and ales from Beer Hawk.

You'll find lots of choice of beer gifts on Amazon, and there's also our selection of the best beer subscriptions if you want to get more than just a one-off gift.

  • Beer Hawk Craft Beer Discovery Gift Set, £25.63 – buy from Amazon

2. Tidal Rum

Or if you want to get your dad something for his drinks cabinet instead, why not treat him to a bottle of Tidal Rum.

This is a blended rum that comes from stills in Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic – but falvoured with pepper dulse, a seaweed that's foraged in Jersey.

  • Tidal Rum, £35 – buy from Amazon

3. Drinks By The Dram Whisky Collection

Another great boozy gift is this selection of whiskies from Drinks By The Dram.

You'll find an impressive twelve different samples inside – let's hope Dad is kind enough to share them around.

  • Drinks By The Dram Whisky Collection, £49.95 – buy from Amazon

4. The Cocktail Box Co. Kit

If your dad fancies himself as a mixologist – but in reality isn't too experienced – then this six-in-one cocktail kit is a superb choice of Father's Day gift.

He'll whopping up everything from mai tais to moscow mules in no time at all.

  • The Cocktail Box Co. Kit, £68 – buy from Amazon

Stylish Amazon Father's Day gifts

5. Teehon Men's Leather Wallet

Wallets are always a fantastic choice of Father's Day present.

We particularly like the orange-coloured lining on this leather option from Teehon.

  • Teehon Men's Leather Wallet, £14.97 – buy from Amazon


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6. Persol Typewriter Edition Sunglasses

Who wouldn't love to receieve a stylish new pair of sunglasses on Father's Day?

This Typewriter Edition pair from Persol make for a great alternative to the typical Ray-Bans.

  • Persol Typewriter Edition Sunglasses, £156 – buy from Amazon

7. Carhartt Men's Odessa Cap

Carhartt is a great all-round brand for men, especially its line of caps.

We're big fans of the Odessa, which comes in black but with the same stitched leather logo.

  • Carhartt Men's Odessa Cap, £17.75 – buy from Amazon

8. Timbuk2 Vert Backpack

Timbuk2 make a fantastic range of backpacks, and this mustard-coloured option is a very stylish choice of Father's Day gift.

You'll find another green-coloured version available too.

  • Timbuk2 Vert Backpack, £91.74 – buy from Amazon

Amazon Father's Day tech gifts

9. Jabra Elite 3 Earbuds

Treat your father to some top-end tech this year in the form of these hugely popular earbuds from Danish brand Jabra.

They're a much more affordable option than Apple's Airpods – but you'll find all sorts of price options in our best earbuds article.

  • Jabra Elite 3 Earbuds, £78.29 – buy from Amazon


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10. Wonderboom 2

For some exterior sound, a great choice of Father's Day gift is the Wonderboom 2.

Despite its diminutive size, this bluetooth speaker packs a serious punch and is great for the back garden, by the pool on holidays or out in the park.

  • Wonderboom 2, £66.85 – buy from Amazon

11. Honor Band 6 Smartwatch

If your dad is into fitness, he'll definitely appreciate this versatile but highly affordable fitness tracker from Honor.

It looks a lot like an Apple Watch but is a LOT cheaper (and spoiler alert: has a lot of the same metrics and tracking features).

  • Honor Band 6 Smartwatch, £39.99 – buy from Amazon

12. Kindle

E-readers have been around for many years now, and have grown more and more affordable.

If your dad's a literature-lover, he'll surely appreciate one of Amazon's lightweight and compact reading tablets.

  • Kindle, £49.99 – buy from Amazon

13. Apple AirTags

Apple's AirTags are great for any forgetful fathers who have a tendency of losing things like their bags or wallets.

Slip one of these little disks inside said item, and it can be tracked down to the nearest square metre.

  • Apple AirTags, £79.68 – buy from Amazon

14. Sharp HT-SB110 2.0 Soundbar

A soundbar is a great way of bring a far higher level of audio quality to the average television.

You can easily spend many hundreds or thousands of pounds on these additional speakers, but we love this budget-friendly option from Sharp.

  • Sharp HT-SB110 2.0 Soundbar, £74.99 – buy from Amazon

15. Percy Nobleman Beard Oil

If your dad's the hirsute type, he'll no doubt appreciate this beard oil from Percy Nobleman.

Fast-absorbing and fragrance-free, it will help keep your dad's face-fuzz softer and less itchy.

  • Percy Nobleman Beard Oil, £16.19 – buy from Amazon

Amazon grooming gifts for Father's Day

16. King C. Gillette Neck Razor for Men

This stylish shaving set from the luxury arm of Gillette will be hugely appreciated by any dads who like a clean shave – especially around the neck and cheeks for a well-kept beard.

  • King C. Gillette Shaving Kit, £20.39 – buy from Amazon

17. Boss Bottled Night Eau de Toilette

We've yet to hear of a single dad out there who doesn't like receiving a nice fragrance on Father's Day.

Especially if it happens to be Hugo Boss's Bottled Night, which is one of the best-selling scents on the market.

  • Boss Bottled Night Eau de Toilette, £35.95 – buy from Amazon

18. Remington Mud Wax

If your dad likes to to style and add texture to his hair, this hair wax from Remington is a great choice of budget gift for Father's Day.

It leaves locks with a matte appearance and is suitable for all hair types.

  • Remington Mud Wax, £8.95 – buy from Amazon

Fun gifts for Dad

19. Throw Throw Burrito Board Game

We've heard some very good things about this exceptionally silly game from the makers of Exploding Kittens.

Why not spend a few hours on Father's Day playing this burrito-based card game with your dad.

  • Throw Throw Burrito Board Game, £18.99 – buy from Amazon

20. Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker Red 5 Helmet Set

Is the old man a Star Wars AND a Lego fan?

Then he'll love building this adult-targeted set of Luke Skywalker's iconic Red 5 helmet.

  • Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker Red 5 Helmet Set, £51.99 – buy from Amazon

21. Happy Socks Men's Heart You 2-Pack Gift Set Socks

Socks might sound like a dull choice of Father's Gift – but not when they're as bright and fun as this set from Happy Socks.

Your dad will look particularly stylish around the ankles when sporting these beer-themed socks.

  • Happy Socks Men's Heart You 2-Pack Gift Set Socks, £16 – buy from Amazon

22. Trueche Insulated Lunch Bag

We really like this fun lunch bag from Trueche – it looks like the sort of thing that the average dad wouldn't treat himself too, but would really appreciate.

  • Trueche Insulated Lunch Bag, £17.87 – buy from Amazon

23. Under NY Sky Apron

Is your father into cooking, crafting or messy DIY?

Get him this rugged-looking apron for Father's Day, which comes with plenty of pockets for various tools and utensils.

  • Under NY Sky Apron, £33.93 – buy from Amazon

24. BBQ Meat Claws

Barbecue season has arrived – and we're absolutely obsessed with these 'meats claws'.

They're far more versatile than a standard set of tongs, and can be used to both flip and pick up sizzling meat from the barbie.

  • BBQ Meat Claws, £13.99 – buy from Amazon

Fitness Amazon Father's Day gifts

25. Under Armour Gym Top

If you're dad's a fitness fan, but still insists on wearing the same faded t-shirt every time he works out, then do him a favour and treat him to some decent gym gear this Father's Day.

Under Armour is one of the most respected brands on the market, and cover everything from tops to joggers to vests.

  • Under Armour Gym Top, from £23.99 – buy from Amazon

26. Dawoo Battle Rope

Another fitness-themed Father's Day gift is this battle rope from Dawoo.

Easy to set up then store away, this is great not just for arms but all-over body workouts.

  • Dawoo Battle Rope, from £27.19 – buy from Amazon

27. Theragun Mini

Theragun's line of massage guns are growing more and more popular – so if your dad complains about his aches and pains, this will make for a lovely choice of gift when Father's Day rolls around.

  • Theragun Mini, £150 – buy from Amazon

28. Garmin Edge 130 Plus GPS Bike Computer

If your dad's a keen cyclist, an extra-special Father's Day gift is this GPS bike computer from leading brand Garmin.

The Edge 130 is one of the cheaper options in Garmin's range, but it will still offer plenty of ride data – distance covered, elevation climbed – and help with wayfinding and navigation.

  • Garmin Edge 130 Plus GPS Bike Computer, £124.99 – buy from Amazon

29. Boildeg Cycling Gloves

A lower-budget option for cyclist dads are these simple but cool gloves from Boildeg.

They're anti-slip and breathable, so are perfectly suited for the warmer months this summer.

  • Boildeg Cycling Gloves, from £8.99 – buy from Amazon

30. Audible subscription

Perhaps your dad loves to read but struggles to find the free time (much like the rest of us).

If so, an Audible subscription is a great way to enjoy books old and new – you could always just pay for a month or too to see if he like Amazon's hugely popular audiobook service.

  • Audible subscription, £7.99 after 30-day trial – buy from Amazon

Unique Amazon gifts for Dad

31. AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press

We really like the look of this portable coffee-maker from Aeropress.

Working with a pushed filtered system, it's a perfect choice for any dads out there who like to enjoy a tip-top coffee each day.

  • AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press, £29.33 – buy from Amazon

32. Psycho Juice Chilli & Hot Pepper Sauce

If your father can handle his heat, then get him this fun four-pack of hot sauces from Psycho Juice.

These super-fiery condiments might just put him to the test, though.

  • Psycho Juice Chilli & Hot Pepper Sauce, £11.95 – buy from Amazon

33. iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Maybe your dad shouldn't get any more encouragement to sing while he's in the shower – but since it's Father's Day, why not surprise him with this cool little waterproof bluetooth speaker?

It can either be stuck on the wall with its suction cup, or hung from the shower via the carabiner – then, all you dad will have to do is connect his device to play his favourite tunes.

  • iFox Shower Bluetooth Spreaker, £34.89 – buy from Amazon

34. La Hacienda Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens usually cost hundreds of pounds – a great alternative is this box-style option from La Hacienda, which can be sat on top of a traditional barbecue.

The next time your dad gets the BBQ going, he can surprise everyone with a few rounds of pizza alongside the burgers.

  • La Hacienda Pizza Oven, £85.88 – buy from Amazon

35. Soho British Boujie scented candle

On a similar relaxation theme, a scented candle makes for a great leftfield choice of gift for dads.

This luxurious candle from Soho contains subtle notes that aren't too overpowering, and also have a slow burn time.

  • Soho British Boujie scented candle, £23.99 – buy from Amazon

36. Sensiohome Mini Fridge

A mini-fridge is the perfect place to stash a few cheeky beers.

The perfect addition to your dad's man-cave, maybe?

  • Sensiohome Mini Fridge, £79.95 – buy from Amazon

37. Requena Gaming Chair

If your dad is a big gaming fan, he'll sure love this ergonomic gaming chair from Requena.

It's adjustable, comfortable and perfectly set up for hours of blissful gameplay on Father's Day.

  • Requena Gaming Chair, £114.99 – buy from Amazon

38. No Time To Die on DVD and Blu-Ray

On Father's Day, why not let your dad kick back with Daniel Craig's final outing as legendary spy James Bond.

No Time To Die was an absolute smash at the box office, and is also available to stream at Amazon.

  • No Time To Die on DVD and Blu-Ray, £9.99/£14.99 – buy from Amazon

Does Amazon offer next-day delivery?

Amazon does offer a next-day delivery service, though not with everything – and you might need to be a Prime member to take advantage of it.

Amazon's Prime service comes with all sorts of extra goodies, including the Prime Video streaming service, early-bird 'lightning' deals, exclusive discounts in the Prime Day sales and, yes, next-day or even same-day deliveries.

If you'rebrowsing for products, look for the check box that reads 'Get It Tomorrow' – tick that to ensure you get the item delivered the following day.

Can I get Father's Day decorations on Amazon?

You'll find that there's an impressive selection of Father's Day-themed decorations available to buy on Amazon.

Banners, balloons, cake decorations: you can find them all on the site.

If you're in a dash and you need to order online, it's probably the best store to buy from.

  • Father's Day decorations – buy from Amazon

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