I was on Love Island – here’s why villa has secret drawers, you don't see stars drunk and when producers ALWAYS step in

A new batch of sexy singletons will be heading into the Love Island villa in just under two weeks.

The hit ITV2 show’s narrator Iain Stirling has promised it’s going to be the sexiest series yet when it launches on 6th June.

Islanders looking to get busy in the bedroom won't have to worry, as according to Mike Boateng – who starred in the 2020 winter series – there are condoms aplenty in the villa.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the 26-year-old former policeman shares behind-the-scenes secrets from the show – including why the islanders are always hitting the gym.

Unlimited condoms

It's not unusual for a bit of bonking to go down in the Love Island villa, and producers are keen to make sure islanders are having safe sex.

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Mike tells us: “Condoms are absolutely everywhere – they’re literally scattered all across the villa.

“There are condoms in the drawers, even in random secret ones. 

“Then, of course, if you really can't find any, and you're really struggling, you can just ask your producer.”

The former Islander – who is an ambassador for Magnum condoms – admits he didn’t make use of the stash when he was in the villa.

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Despite coupling up with both Leanne Amaning and Priscilla Anyabu – whom he dated for 15 months following the show –  in the villa, Mike insists: “I didn’t have to use any!

“My mum was watching the show, so I didn’t really try to get into too much hanky panky!”

Limited food

Every year toned islanders are seen working out in the gym, but others – like Shaughna Phillps, who was in Mike’s series – have revealed they put on a lot of weight during their time in the villa.

And it could be down to the carb-heavy diets they all eat in there.

Mike tells us how he would cook up pasta and toasties in the villa as there wasn’t much choice when it came to food – or capable chefs.

There weren't a lot of food options, but we always had a big pasta at night, and I’d always be the one cheffing it up," he tells us.

“We also had toasties and stuff like that.”

Two drink limit

In the early days of Love Island, when the likes of Olivia and Alex Bowen graced our screens, there would often be some outrageous alcohol-fuelled fighting.

But in more recent series, bosses have put a limit on booze – which is why you won’t see any Geordie Shore-style antics.

Mike says: “I know some of the original series were allowed more drinks on tap. 

“But I think, as the seasons went on, and safeguarding became more efficient, especially for our season, we were limited to just two drinks a night.”

Clueless about time

AJ Barker recently told The Sun that islanders wear sunglasses in bed as they’re woken up by such a bright light.

Mike tells us islanders never know what time it is, as all the clocks are covered up by producers.

“We don’t have watches,” he explains. “And producers tape over all the clocks in the villa to make sure we don't know what's going on.

“We had to look at the sun and try and guess what time it was!”

When producers step in

Love Island series three star Kem Cetinay has previously said the Islanders had days off and headed down to the beach.

But for Mike’s series, the only one filmed in South Africa, sometimes they were forced to stop filming due to torrential rain.

“On those days, they kind of just shut the cameras down, and we’d all just chill and have a down day,” he explains.

“The only difference with those days was that they wouldn’t be recording anything.”

While islanders were allowed to chat off-camera, they were chaperoned at all times – and if they started talking about anything important, Mike says producers would step in.

We had to look at the sun and try and guess what time it was!

He adds: “If there was something juicy happening, producers would be like, ‘Right, hold that – let's wait for the cameras.’ And then we’d resume the conversation once cameras were back on.”

However, Mike insists it’s not often that producers step in, with all the conversations being natural and mostly unprompted.

He admits: “Producers will step in if they feel they need to, depending on what’s happening, but it’s minimal.

“Everything needs to happen as naturally as possible and I don't think a lot of the islanders would be too happy if people were constantly stepping in anyway.”

The times when producers do interject, Mike says, is when they want to go back to an important point one of the islanders made – and check whether there was a reaction from any of the other contestants.

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“They’d just come in and prompt you sometimes, like, 'Just to reiterate this person's response, do you want to touch on that?'” he explains.

Love Island returns on Monday June 6. 

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