Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Tuesday, May 24

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You have the energy and determination to bring about your plans. Your mind is brimming with ideas and you wouldn’t be happy unless you can make an immediate start on these. Just don’t be in too much of a rush and be prepared to keep at it even when the going gets tough.


You can still be thorough in what you have to do while going speedily about it. There isn’t time to stall when you need to make a fast decision. You’ve always been practical and you can put analysis into all you do and come to a quick conclusion.


An unexpected proposal puts you in an awkward position as it would mean having to cancel arrangements already made with someone else. This could affect the future of your relationship in a negative way which is an upsetting thought. At the same time you are tempted by this offer.


A subject or situation that seizes and holds your attention is likely to take up a strong percentage of your time and interest. If this is a working project it is likely to bring personal benefits your way. It will be solo as opposed to team efforts that will bring you most satisfaction.


Someone at home is spending more than they can afford on luxury items they don’t need and may never use again. You’re tired of having to pay their share of joint expenditures. It is time you set up a new system to ensure you aren’t the one who is out of pocket at the end of every month.


You’re on top of things and have kept up to date with all important matters. It’s hard to understand someone who just can’t seem to get organised. You’re inclined to complain or criticise but instead why not see what you can do to help them out?


You long to travel and get away from it all. Just the idea of escaping routine for a short while sounds like a refreshing change. It shouldn’t be a problem persuading a close friend or relative to join you and by the end of the day you will have made a travel booking.


You will make a start on a creative project or work venture on your own initiative. You had intended for this to be a solo effort but other people will quickly take an interest and before you know it, this could end up as a group undertaking.


A team effort is floundering when some people will refuse to go along with the general agreement. Their contentious attitude is causing problems. You feel you are wasting your time being involved in such a dysfunctional team and would rather break away. There are plenty other activities you could be getting on with.


Keep your lips tightly sealed if you’re asked to keep a secret. You would feel awful if you mistakenly let anyone down. Keep a low profile in the workplace. Refuse to get involved in conversations or tasks that make you uncomfortable. Follow your conscience.


You won’t want to hurt their feelings but you need to let someone know how their behaviour is making you feel stifled. You’ve always valued your independence even when in a close and intimate relationship. A partner needs to understand this if this relationship is going to work.


Cutting corners isn’t the way of getting things out of the way. This will only lengthen the time you have to spend on important matters when you have to return to them to deal with puzzling problems that would never have occurred had the work been done properly in the first place.

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