My 'nightmare' neighbour 'smeared DOG POO on my front door' as a 'moving-out gift' after bitter year-long row

A MUM claims her neighbour smeared dog poo on her front door after a bitter row.

Courtney Cobb and her boyfriend Jay Chapman, 23, say that a neighbour vandalised their door before moving out – a claim the neighbour denies.

The couple moved into a block of flats in the area in early 2021 and did not encounter any problems.

But Courtney and Jay say things did turn sour with one neighbour due to him smoking and blasting loud music.

They became particularly concerned about the heavy smoke after the birth of their baby, four months ago, who suffered with breathing difficulties as a newborn.

Courtney said: "She was premature and she had issues with her breathing and feeding and stuff like that.

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"The smell [of smoke] was just disgusting. She had to go to hospital one night and I think it's because those smells were filling the flat and she couldn't breathe properly."

After they made complaints the couple say he didn't stop smoking and playing music and became hostile towards them.

Further complaints and the ongoing row between the neighbours eventually led to the man recently moving out.

Although there is no evidence who left the smears on their front door, they suspected the man due to the local arguments.

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The neighbour has denied being the culprit with Northumbria police confirming they attended the incident and made no arrests.

Courtney said: "We thought we heard someone at our door touching the handle but we thought it's not the postman or anything so we left it.

"A delivery driver came to drop off our food and he was like 'what's that on your door?' and we looked.

"My partner was furious and I was just scared, I was crying.

"I was sitting there with my baby in my arms thinking it's my job to protect her and I feel like I can't even do that.

"I don't even know how that thought would come into someone's head."

Her former neighbour has now moved to another area and has completely denied any involvement in the incident.

He said: "I've had nothing but hassle from her, that's why I've moved out. I've done absolutely nothing wrong, they've just caused aggravation unnecessarily.

I'm a hard-working lad. I run a business where I have lads working for me and I'm out of the house pretty much 12 hours a day.

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"I'm getting back at like eight or nine o'clock and going straight to bed. I've never played music and I certainly don't smoke.

"I had police at my door because they've called the police. There's been no action taken because I've not done anything."

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