Liam Gatsby gets back on his feet as he attends wedding after ‘life-changing’ op

Liam 'Gatsby' Blackwell recently updated fans by showcasing snaps of himself at a wedding, shortly after undergoing a huge operation.

The Only Way Is Essex star Liam, 33, had a 'life-changing' surgery for his hiatus hernia earlier this month.

Liam shared a snap of himself in hospital a few weeks ago and revealed that he flew back from LA to have treatment at The Holly Private Hospital in Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

Taking to his Instagram stories over the weekend, Liam looked charming as he wore a black tuxedo and had his hair gelled back for the wedding.

The 33-year-old was in great spirits as posed for snaps with friends and filmed moments of the occasion.

In one snap, Liam looked super suave as he posed for the camera outside the wedding venue.

In another, he posed with pals before joining the beautiful bride herself.

Sharing snaps of himself and his mother in hospital earlier this month, Liam wrote on Instagram: "I would have still been in LA but the reason I came home was to have surgery.

"I’ve been suffering with a hiatus hernia & acid reflux for a few years now but it got to the point where I couldn’t eat food & drink liquids at the same time without it coming back up.

"Imagine eating a meal & being thirsty and not being able to drink a glass of water with it or the food you’ve just eaten will come back up."

He added: "Also, the burning taste of acid in your mouth most mornings. This surgery repairing my stomach & hiatal hernia will hopefully be life changing for me.

"Not looking forward to the next 6 weeks on a liquid / soft food diet so any tips from people who have had this surgery it would be much appreciated x.

"Swipe to see who has flown thousands of miles to look after me in my 2 month recovery."

Many people took to Liam's comment section to send their well wishes.

One user said: "I knew Nikki would be there. Bless her, great mama. Get well soon Gatsby @gatsby_liam."

A second wrote: "Oh dear! Sending you all the good vibes for a prompt recovery.! And remember everyday that passes is one less to have tacos!"

Another commented: "That's what mams are here for, to look after you in hour of need. She wouldn't have it any other way. Take care get well soon."

Fellow TOWIE star Arg, wrote: "We love you bro, will keep visiting."

Chloe Sims said: "Sending you love @gatsby_liam & @nikki.blackwell.5458."

Whilst record producer Steel Banglez commented: "Speedy recovery bro."

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