Generating fear! Denise Welch slams scaremongering over monkeypox virus outbreak

Loose Women: Denise calls Monkeypox reports 'scaremongering'

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On Tuesday’s episode of the ITV daytime chat show Loose Women, Ruth Langsford, Denise Welch, Judi Love, and Kelle Bryan discussed the recent news about the monkeypox virus outbreak. As the ladies began talking about the situation and likened it to when the coronavirus first came about, Denise slammed the words which were being used to describe the actions which people need to take and revealed she wasn’t worried.

Monkeypox is not a new infection and has been known for decades, however, the recent spike in unexpected cases has caused alarm to the government and healthcare professionals.

Introducing the topic to the show, Ruth explained: “Now serious story today, everybody is talking about it and that monkeypox.

“It is all over the news, and the UK has so far confirmed 20 cases, and more than 80 have been identified across Europe, the US, Canada, Israel and Australia.

“Now the UK government has announced that anyone at the highest risk of having caught monkeypox should now isolate for 21 days.”

Ruth went on to admit when she first began reading about the virus, it reminded her of when the world went into a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I will probably have to look at this tomorrow, but I just couldn’t get my head around it, Denise, we are going to have to talk about it because everybody is talking about it.”

Denise gave a stern look and began: “I don’t think it will surprise many people to know what my views of the already scaremongering are.

“Believe you me, I do know the difference between reporting news and scaremongering, but there are certain words that are already being used which are used to generate fear.

“We used to talk about staying home if you are poorly, now we talk about isolating and quarantining, we have just come out of a horrendous three years where people are trying to find some kind of mental balance after everything that was thrown at us with Covid.

“People will say, ‘Oh, listen to professor Welch’, no I have never professed to be like that, mine has always been about how this affects mental health.

“And I can see it starting again, yesterday, I spoke to two very highly qualified people in infectious diseases who have said they are very angry with already the way they can see this happening in the press.

“At the moment, there are very few cases, yes, of course, it is something they should keep an eye on.

“There was also an outbreak in 2017 and 2018, but because we weren’t on such high alert, we weren’t aware of it.

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“Now we seem to be aware of absolutely everything, personally, I am not going to worry about it at the moment,” she confessed.

It is said that the virus can not easily be spread between people but can be passed on through close person to person contact.

According to the Mirror, Downing Street reportedly said they have no plans to hold a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee over monkeypox or to impose any travel bans.

Dr Susan Hopkins, Chief Medical Adviser, UKHSA, said: “Alongside reports of further cases being identified in other countries globally, we continue to identify additional cases in the UK.

“Thank you to everyone who has come forward for testing already and supported our contact tracing efforts – you are helping us limit the spread of this infection in the UK.”

Today, government minister Chief secretary to the Treasury, Simon Clarke, assured the public that monkeypox is not a “repeat of” Covid-19.

He told Sky News: “As with any new disease, and obviously after the Covid pandemic doubly so, we continue to monitor this very closely.

“There is a vaccine which is available and works for monkeypox, and all the evidence is that it is spread by physical contact.”

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12:30pm on ITV.

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