The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades says he is ‘making some big changes’ after landing new job

Jay Blades announces he's been made chancellor of his old uni

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Jay Blades was thrilled to find out he had been appointed the first chancellor of Buckinghamshire New University. The Repair Shop star promised some “big changes” would be coming during his time in charge.

Jay, 52, took to Twitter this morning to update his 49,300 followers about his exciting new role. 

“GREAT NEWS FLASH,” he wrote in the caption accompanying a video clip. 

“This morning I became the first chancellor of my old university, @BucksNewUni, making some big changes future.” (sic)

“What do you think?” he asked his fans.

Jay attended Buckinghamshire New University as a mature student studying criminology and philosophy at the age of 30.

Now, the furniture restorer will be its first chancellor – a role he accepted on the condition that the university reinstated its furniture and restoration course.

He also asked to start a scholarship programme and will sponsor several students each year.

Jay appeared ecstatic in the accompanying video as he gave his fans the full rundown. 

“I tell you what, today is a good day,” he began. “I said to some of you (a few of you) that on Friday I got some great, great, great news… And here it is.”

“The great news is that I have become a chancellor – I know, a chancellor – of my old university in High Wycombe. 

At this point Jay nodded, adding: “I know, it’s a big look isn’t it?”

“Normally being a chancellor is left for people like Lords and Ladies, but there’s me… Being a chancellor.

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“And I said to my university…” Jay said as he came to a realisation. “They’re my university now! Cor blimey – I’m the governor there. I’m the chancellor – wow!”

He then went on to detail the changes he would be making upon becoming chancellor. 

“I said to them, ‘The furniture course? You took it away. I need that reinstated with some restoration added in there for a little spice.’ And they said, ‘Cool, no problem.’

“Then I said, ‘I would love to send some people to university under my scholarship,’ and they said, ‘Cool, no problem.’

“So what they did today is they gave me the cap, they made me an honorary doctor and all systems are go.

“I believe by 2023 we should have this building built, and we’re going to be sending people to university free of charge under the Jay Blades Scholarship.

“Come on, if that’s not something to celebrate, talk to me. Seriously, that’s a big look!”

He went on to talk about how the outfit he was wearing was made by some of his talented friends. 

“These are all people that make stuff,” he explained. “Those are the types of people that I would love to be sending to university to get out there and make a business for yourself.”

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