Woman shares ‘Instagram filter pose’ vs ‘reality’ in snaps taken seconds apart

A woman has been applauded for her latest body positivity post.

Zoe, who has over 30,000 followers on Instagram, is not one to shy away from the truth on social media.

Her no-nonsense attitude has made her scoop a lot of admirers on the platform as fans often praise her.

Now in her latest upload, Zoe once again reminded Instagram followers that it's all not what it seems.

Her caption read in the post: "Instagram filter & pose vs reality. Remember online isn't real life."

In the image, she shared two snaps taken seconds apart, with one proudly flaunting her stomach.

Since she shared it earlier this week, the post racked up just under 1,000 likes.

One Instagram fan gushed: "Love this girl," while another social media poster added: "Show us all the real."

A third online user commented: "Pic on the right is better," as a fourth praised: "Such a great (real) visual."

And a fourth hailed: "Always happy and gorgeous."

It comes as the influencer stripped to her undies to flaunt her "tummy rolls" in a now-viral post.

She wrote: "In light of my recent post about tummy roll lines… here is a photo of me with my tummy rolls!

"The photo VS setting up the timer. This is a reminder that behind 'posed photos' there is a body that bends, folds, rolls & jiggles…"

She continued: "Mine may roll & jiggle more than others, but that's okay, my body wasn't designed to be perfect or flawless.

"I think any photo, posed or not, is worthy."

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