Lorraine warns Emmerdale guest ‘behave yourself’ after appearance comment

Lorraine Kelly tells Emile John to ‘behave yourself’

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Emmerdale actor Emile John, who plays Ethan Anderson is currently the centre of a major storyline in the ITV soap. The actor admitted to Lorraine the soap is going to take a “sinister” twist when newcomer Jordan (Jack Parr), who the lawyer is representing, will turn on him. It comes after Jordan turned violent with Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) in a racially motivated attack.

However, as the interview came to a close, Lorraine told off Emile when he complimented her appearance.

“Meanwhile, we can see you tonight at 7.30pm on ITV,” the host said. “Don’t forget it is on for an hour.”

“Yep,” Emile replied as the host added: “A big hour special which is fantastic and just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“The cameras don’t lie by the way,” the actor praised. “Just as beautiful as ever.”

“Behave yourself, I shall dine out on that,” Lorraine quickly hit back before adding: “I didn’t pay him to say that, honestly.”

Discussing the scenes which are due to air on Thursday, the Ethan actor said: “I mean, some of the lines and some of the dialogue that’s used is kind of vile. It’s uncomfortable.

“It’s uncomfortable to hear as a male but it kind of fuelled my responses in that regard and my responses were true because hearing that, I probably wouldn’t have the kind of temperament that Ethan does.

“You know, Ethan does it in the only way he knows how to.”

When asked about what he thinks of the storyline educating younger people, Emile recalled: “When I was at school, I had to sort of let it slide with regards to being black.

“At the time you might think that you know, that was funny, that was a joke.

“But, you know, with this sort of Black Lives movement, I just feel like there is more licence to call people out.

“Whereas before, I might sort of internalise certain digs and racial slurs and that would lead to some self-deprecation and self-hatred, which just isn’t good for me. “

He added: “So yeah, this movement, I just feel like things probably haven’t changed fully, but it’s progress.”

Lorraine also shared a clip of an upcoming scene which showed Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) confronting Ethan in the cafe.

“Everything that Al said is probably true,” the actor said. “But coming from Al, he’s talking about a scumbag.

“This is a kind of storyline we have to do justice and there is this kind of language that you’ll see tonight and stuff like that.”

Emile went on to point out: “People are so bold to use that kind of language in football stadiums, so just imagine what they’re saying sort of more intimate settings.”

Earlier this week, ITV viewers watched as Billy came face to face with Jordan who threatened him.

The newcomer told Billy he was part of a gang and was not to be messed with.

However, Al watched the confrontation take place and when he discovered Ethan was representing the villain, he made a plan to put a stop to it.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV

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