Tipping Point contestant frustrated by ‘nasty’ move ‘How could it do that?’

Tipping Point: Jenni says machine is ‘nasty’

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Contestants Victoria, Dom and Jenni were all hoping to make it through to the final and take home the maximum jackpot of £20,000. However, early on in Tuesday’s instalment, Jenni aired her frustration as she fell victim to the Tipping Point machine when her fellow ITV quizzer reaped the rewards of the counters she had lined up.

Kicking off the show, host Ben Shephard asked: “According to the common phrase, if two things are completely different from each other they are set to be like, ‘Chalk and…’”

Jenni answered correctly with “cheese” before placing her first counter into the machine. 

The contestant earned £50 from her first drop and pushed the double counter close to the edge. 

Jenni buzzed in early but luckily answered the second question correctly too.

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She inserted her counter into the same drop zone but still received just £50 despite pushing a group of counters with the double counter right to the edge. 

As Victoria, Dom and Ben cried out, Jenni quipped: “That was nasty.”

“That was nasty,” Dom agreed and Jenni asked: “How could it do that?”

“Very unlucky,” Dom remarked and Ben added: “Dangling over the edge, the double as well.”

Dom answered the next question correctly and seized on the opportunity to exploit Jenni’s efforts. 

He managed to gain nine counters along with the double meaning he banked £900.

“All thanks to Jenni’s hard work,” Ben commented. 

“I’ve got to thank you for that one,” Dom agreed.

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At the end of the first round, Dom was in the lead with £950, Victoria in second place with £400 and Jenni in last place with £100.

However, all that changed in the second round with Jenni overtaking her opponent. 

Dom finished the round with £1250, Jenni had £1250 but Victoria failed to add any more money to her jackpot. 

In the final round, Dom was left to try and find the £10,000 jackpot. 

However, he failed to get the jackpot counter onto the second shelf and opted to take home the £3400 he had accumulated instead. 

Discussing his decision, the prospective university student admitted he was thrilled with his winnings. 

He said: “That’s life-changing money so I’m so happy to hear.”

Tipping Point airs on ITV on weekdays at 4pm. 

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