Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Confirms She'll Return for Season Six

"I'm not going anywhere"

Christine Quinn is here to stay.

Although the “Selling Sunset” star left the Oppenheim Group, the 33-year-old confirmed that she was “absolutely” returning for the show’s sixth season.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Quinn revealed her departure from the high-end brokerage group doesn’t mean fans won’t see her on the show, rather producers have gotten “creative” with the way she will be featured.

“I love the show,” said the reality star. “The show is, like, my No. 1 [and] everyone knows that. But we just have to get creative now because I don’t work for the Oppenheim Group. … Maybe it’s a battle of the brokerages.”

Christine dropped hints that viewers could witness a new “really interesting dynamic” develop between her and her former coworkers at the Oppenheim Group.

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“I’m not going anywhere,” she insisted. “Like, I’ll always be on television. I’m not going anywhere. It’s just, like, let’s have fun with this now.”

If she could bring anyone with her after her split from the Oppenheim Group, Quinn revealed she’d want Chelsea Lazkani and Vanessa Villela to back her up.

After the season five finale episode, Christine’s status with the company was left on a cliffhanger, and eagle eyed fans noticed that her bio had been removed from the reality firm’s website.

However, Quinn said there is no bad blood between her and brokerage co-owner Jason Oppenheim.

“We’re in a really good place,” she said of her relationship with Jason.

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Drama ensued between them when the 45-year-old began to question Christine after accusations of her offering $5,000 to Emma Hernan’s client surfaced in exchange for no longer working with her. Quinn vehemently denied her allegations.

According to Christine, the two have since resolved matters, “He just says, you know, ‘I was going off the information that I was given.’ and I said, ‘Well, I wish you would have called me. I wish you would’ve told me, you know, that you were doing this, and I would’ve talked anything through with you and answered any questions for you.'”

Since her exit, Christine and her husband Christian Richard have been working on launching a new venture,, which will combine cryptocurrency and real estate.

The TV personality said that her departure “was not a hard decision.”

“I was in an environment where people weren’t so supportive of my goals,” she explained. “I saw a trend change in the future and I needed to meet that trend and I needed to be ahead of the curve. So that’s why I had to start my business. I saw a hole in the market where buyers and sellers were coming to me and saying, you know, ‘Hi, I have all this cryptocurrency and I need to be able to do a transaction.’ … I’m so happy I did it.”

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