‘A liar’ Piers Morgan questions if we should believe ‘anything Amber Heard says’

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Piers Morgan, 57, has weighed in on the ongoing libel trial between Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp. The Aquaman actress has now admitted she has not yet donated her $7m divorce settlement to charity despite telling the UK High Court she had.

Giving evidence at her libel trial yesterday, Amber claimed she has yet to make the full donation “because Johnny sued me for $50million in March of 2019″.

Based on the latest developments, Piers has questioned whether Amber’s claims in court should be believed.

In view of his 7.9 million followers, Piers branded the actress a “liar” as he shared a video of her speaking in court.

The TalkTV presenter said: “So Amber Heard’s a liar.. and if she’s lying about paying money to charity, why should we believe anything else she says?”

Piers’ remarks sparked debate among other online users, with mixed opinions being shared in the tweet’s replies.

AlexKiddo9 said: “Bit of a technicality there though Piers.

“She can’t pay it yet as she’s being sued.

“You’re not going to give $7m to charity when you’re in the middle of being sued for millions of dollars – it doesn’t mean she isn’t going to or that she never intended to.”

TheresaAlison1 added: “The whole point of the case was the op ed. Getting her to admit she wrote it.

“She stumped up and hasn’t realised it.”

Kara_leigh11 typed: “I don’t believe anything either of them say.”

Yesterday, Amber testified in court about Johnny’s allegation she left “human faecal matter” in their bed, blaming one of their dogs for the incident.

She told the court that the faeces was left by one of their dogs, who experienced “bowel control issues” after it got into his stash of marijuana as a puppy.

The court was shown a photo of the faecal matter in the bed.

Amber then told her lawyer during direct examination that when she left for Coachella with some friends, the dogs were in the bed.

She claimed one of them, named Boo, was responsible for the droppings, as it suffered from “bowel control issues” since she ate some of Johnny’s marijuana when she was a puppy.

Johnny had previously told the court Amber had defecated in his bed.

He claimed it could not have been one of the dogs, because they are small teacup Yorkies.

Jack Sparrow actor Johnny claimed that his security guard Sean Bett told him it was not a good time to come back to their apartment, before sending him a photograph.

The trial continues.

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