I had the annoying spider vein on my face zapped away in seconds using this amazing removal method

At the start of the year a little red mark appeared by the side of my nose. I'm not really prone to getting many spots, but that's all I assumed it was.

Fast-forward a few weeks and it still hadn't gone. A brief scroll on Dr Google, (guilty!) and I read that some spots are just a bit more stubborn than others, and take longer to budge.

I did a bit of a face cream pick 'n' mix, trying out all sorts of retinoids, moisturisers, oils, you name it. The mark was determined to call my face its permanent home.

Luckily, I had a facial booked in at a clinic raved about by the stars, including Love Island's Maura Higgins. Surely the dermatologists would be able to shed some light on my mysterious red mark.

The facial at Monica Tolan was incredible, but the red mark wasn't going anywhere fast, as it turns out that it was actually a broken vein.

The actual term for these broken blood vessels on the face is 'telangiectasia,' more commonly known as spider veins.

They're broken due to being overworked or dilated too much, and once they appear they don't tend to go away on their own. I had a little panic, because I didn't know if a spider vein was something you could get rid of easily.

But removal is actually a really simple process! I was relieved, as although others had said they couldn't really notice the red mark, I knew it was there.

I booked in with a lady at Monica Tolan, and I was absolutely amazed at the speed at which these pesky veins can be removed!

A laser light can be used to quite literally zap it away in seconds, without damaging the skin. It was super speedy, and all it felt like was a small pin prick, so I wouldn't describe it as being a painful process at all.

The laser transmits photons which are then absorbed by the blood cells in the veins, and this then generates heat that will destroy the blood vessel and, over time, the vein dissolves.

One of the most important parts is the post-laser treatment, so keeping the face dry for a day or so, and not exercising to avoid breaking a sweat… I was more than happy to do the later!

I could see that the little dot had gone but the red mark stays on the skin for some time and takes a week or so to disappear.

But now, I'm completely red dot free – hurrah! If you have a pesky mark on your skin that you're looking to rid yourself of then know there are ways, and the skincare experts at Monica Tolan should be your first stop!

Monica Tolan have an impressive range of skin treatments available which you can read more about here

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