I picked a unique name for my 9th baby – now I'm worried people will think she's 'a chav' and it will limit her options

A MUM-OF-NINE explained she was worried about the name she gave her youngest daughter, as she thought people may see it on a job application and assume she's "a chav".

The mother said that she picked the name for her child as she thought it was a lovely sentimental decision.

She now regretted the choice as she was concerned people hiring for jobs would judge her daughter.

Taking to Mumsnet she said: "[My ninth daughter] is called Raya.

"Her elder brothers both have traditional, biblical names and that was the plan for her, but [her father] died just before she was born and she ended up with a 'tribute' name, which I also thought was lovely. Hormones.

"She likes her name and no issues at school apart from the millions of other names ending with 'aya' and 'iya', but I have had a sense of dread that she'll be denied job opportunities or friendships because she's being seen as a chav – or at least someone of a lower class.

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"What if everyone hiring is a Millie or a Hugo and they see Raya on her CV?

"Of course there's not much we can do now apart from steer her to use her traditional middle name??"

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Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their thoughts on the situation.

One person said: "I think it’s a genuinely beautiful name."

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While another said: "I don't think Raya sounds 'chavvy' at all!"

A third said: "It's a normal enough sounding name, but I also know plenty of successful people with much more unusual names.

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"My optician last week was Porsche and she seemed to be getting along just fine in life."

Another agreed: "Raya is lovely. It would only raise eyebrows if you'd gone for weird spelling like Rayaaa but Raya is perfect."

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