I gave my baby a very unique name…trolls say it sounds like a lice treatment, but I love it

THE chances are, not everyone's going to be a fan of your chosen baby name.

But one anonymous woman, from the US, was left in shock when it appeared that nobody liked her favourite moniker.

Why? Because it "sounds like a lice treatment."

Taking to Reddit, the mum-to-be shared the name she had her heart set on – Athena Nyx – before asking the social forum for their opinions.

She penned: "Be honest. Trying to decide on a middle name. I know I want a one syllable name and it’s between a few choices but this combo is my favourite."

"I’m just wondering if the double goddess name is too much."


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"I do love the meaning, the name and I think it just goes great together but I feel like anyone who hears the name will think it’s a bit weird and I’m real into mythology when I’m actually not."

And people didn't hold back when it came to offering their opinions…

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"I'm not loving it," admitted one. "I don't like the name Nyx. Nix is a lice treatment and that's all I think of, plus I don't think Nyx sounds attractive at all."

And, I don't like the -na-Nyx transition. Say Athena Nyx aloud and I think you'll see what I mean."

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"Basically any and every one-syllable female name will IMO be better than Nyx."

A second agreed: "It’s too much IMO. This kid has to live their whole life with this name, it probably shouldn’t be just a reflection of their parents interests."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Athena is popular enough I wouldn’t think anything weird.

"However when paired with Nyx it is a bit too much in terms of mythology waving if you’re not into it."

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Another penned: "Not a fan of Nyx regardless of meaning. I don't think it sounds nice."

Elsewhere, a further added: "Definitely too much I’m afraid. Unless you’re cool with anyone who ever sees her name on paper judging you, then it’s cool."

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