Mark Lanegan's 'Final Filmed Footage' Released in Side Project's New Video

The last music video Mark Lanegan filmed prior to the grunge legend’s death earlier this year has been released.

“Hiraeth,” the new visual from Lanegan and Joe Cardamone’s Dark Mark and Skeleton Joe side project, features the “final filmed footage” of the beloved singer, and serves as a tribute to the late Screaming Trees vocalist with a collage clips of Lanegan from throughout his career.

The second half of the video shows Lanegan and Cardamone wandering the forests around Killarney, Ireland — where Lanegan moved to toward the end of his life — in the months after the singer fell into a Covid-induced coma, a health scare that resulted in his final book Devil in a Coma.

“When I made it over to Killarney to visit Mark post-COVID/coma, we only had a week to work on filming things and humble resources,” Cardamone told Spin of the video. “We just got together every day and tried to make a go of it.  A lot of the photos and filming while I was there with him doubled as sight seeing. This was a chance to spend time together and for Mark to show me his new hometown. He looked so genuinely happy there, more so than maybe I ever saw in Los Angeles.  Surrounded by nature and peace.  It’s a breathtaking corner of the world.”

Cardamone continued, “On the last day, we all decided to visit a side of the lake that Mark had yet to explore.  We walked and talked through the woods for several hours and broke out the camera at the very end. I had always hoped to do some kind of visual for Hiraeth’ but we we were almost out of time at this point and just hanging out took priority.”

Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe arrived in Oct. 2021. The collaborative LP marked Lanegan’s final release prior to his Feb. 22 death at the age of 57.

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