Etiquette expert reveals the posh way to eat pizza in TikTok video

Etiquette expert sparks debate by revealing the posh way to eat pizza – claiming that you should always use a knife and fork and work your way from the smallest point of the triangle to the crust

  • London-based TikTokker Lucy Challenger, 38, makes etiquette videos
  • A recent clip showed users the posh way to eat pizza – using a knife and fork
  • The video, which garnered more than 250,000 views fiercely divided opinion
  • Some liked her refined style, but others said eating like that would anger them

An etiquette expert has sparked debate online after revealing how to eat pizza the posh way in a viral TikTok video.  

London and Berkshire-based Lucy Challenger, 38, is the founder and CEO of high-end Mayfair agency Polo and Tweed, which sources employees for uber-wealthy clients.

She is also a TikTok creator, and has garnered more than 6 million likes for her videos which teach Gen Z social media users the essential manners and etiquette they need to fit in with the upper echelon of society.

In a recent video about how to eat pizza in a formal British setting, Lucy gave specific details about which cutlery to use, and how to slice the pie – insisting that you should eat pizza with a knife and fork, and start with the smallest point of the triangular slice and work your way up towards the crust. 

London and Berkshire-based TikTokker Lucy Challenger (pictured), makes videos teaching people about etiquette

The video, which garnered more than 250,000 views, prompted mixed responses from commentators – with some vehemently opposed to the idea of eating pizza with cutlery

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In the video, she says: ‘In formal dining in Britain, it’s unlikely you’ll be served pizza.

‘But if you were, you would use a knife and fork to eat. According to many of my Italian friends, it is perfectly acceptable to eat a pizza with a knife and fork.

‘Firstly, you would cut a triangle within the pizza. Start from the centre, then with a zigzag motion, cut through the pizza, and repeat to create a neat sized triangle.

‘Now we would work from the smallest point of the triangle to eat.

‘I would cut a small, bitesized portion, spear it with my fork, and then place it into my mouth.

‘I repeat this process, working up the triangle, to the largest section of the crust.

‘You can of course, pick up pizza, anytime you wish.

‘But in a formal British setting, I recommend using a knife and fork.’

For several commentators, the idea of eating pizza with a knife and fork was unacceptable – with one even saying the idea made them angry

The method garnered mixed feedback. Some social media users said they were unlikely to adopt the formal approach when eating pizza.

One commentator said: ‘Don’t care if I’m eating in Buckingham Palace with the queen I’m picking it up and folding it with my hands.’ 

Another added: ‘if u ever catch me doin this put me out of my misery.’

While a third said: ‘Glad I don’t go to formal places I’d be so angry not just been able to just shove it in my mouth.’ 

While some commentators hated the idea of eating pizza with cutlery, others appreciated the more refined style, with some even saying the ‘love’ it

However, others appreciated the formality, with one writing: ‘I eat pizza with knife and fork too, I hate greesy fingers…’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Everyone here uses knife and fork for pizza when we are in a restaurant, at home we usually just use hands.’

A further commentator added: ‘the way this is how i eat my dinner on my own at home..’ 

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