Feminine Hygiene Company Kushae Announces LeToya Luckett As Its First Official Brand Ambassador

Kushae (pronounced koo-SHAY), the first Ob-Gyn-created plant-based feminine care system, has tapped R&B singer and actress LeToya Luckett as its official brand ambassador.  

The Black-owned and women-led hygiene company aims to empower consumers to be bold, unapologetic and fearless about prioritizing their feminine health while dismantling the stigmas and things that can be barriers to doing so.

Courtesy of Kushae

Led by co-founders Barbara McLaren, MD (aka Dr. Barb), a board-certified Ob-Gyn and CEO Kimba Williams, Kushae’s products are formulated with high-quality, natural, plant-based ingredients to give your body the care it deserves. The strength of the products recently enabled Williams to raise $1.25M for Kushae through venture capital/angel investors, making her one of the first 100 Black women to do so. 

With an education driven approach, the brand seeks to encourage women to develop self-care routines, stay informed about decisions regarding their health needs, and provide space for women to have open and transparent dialogue about their bodies. 

Photo Credit: Kauwuane Burton Photography, Courtesy of Kushae

According to Williams, LeToya Luckett’s authenticity and passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle proved her to be the perfect fit with the company’s principles as the first brand ambassador. “Women are craving real, credible, honest sources of information about feminine and intimate health. We chose LeToya Luckett as our Kushae’s brand ambassador because of her passion for healthy living,” she says.

“We welcome her unique perspective as a woman of color, Mom and health advocate to help spread the word about the importance of using natural, chemical-free products,” she adds.

Photo Credit: Kauwuane Burton Photography, Courtesy of Kushae

For Luckett, aligning with a brand that spoke to her journey as a mother with products that were backed by science was a must.  “I am excited to work with Kushae. As the proud mom of two beautiful children, I understand how the different phases of life can change a woman’s body,” the star says.

“I support Kushae’s simple, science-backed natural products and welcome the opportunity to spread positive information to educate women about the importance of their feminine health and wellness.”

To celebrate Luckett as the newest face of the wellness brand, Kushae will be offering anyone making a purchase over $50 a chance to win 1 of 5 products autographed by the “Torn” singer, using the code: LETOYA at checkout.

Kushae is currently available at Kushae.com and on Amazon.

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