Netflix fans sickened by Our Father as horror sperm donor doc hits screens

Netflix has released series Our Father onto the streaming platform after weeks of anticipation.

The documentary uncovers the twisted true story of Dr Donald Cline, who inseminated his patients without their consent at his fertility practice in Indianapolis in the 70s and 80s.

His crimes were exposed by his biological daughter Jacoba Ballard, an only child who was conceived by donor sperm – but after taking a DNA test, she found she had seven half-siblings.

After reaching out to their siblings, the group of them started to unravel the truth behind their relation as they discovered that their parents' fertility doctor had inseminated his patients with his own semen.

She opened up in the documentary as she said she was left "in shock" and had "so many emotions".

She said: "He lied about a donor being used. Why did he do it? How long did he do it? and how many siblings do we have?"

Another sibling, Matt White, said the discovery was "f****d up" as he declared he felt bad for his mother.

He said: "Here she was, a young woman who just wanted to have a family, like anyone else. It's a sick individual who puts themselves in that position to be able to do that."

As the siblings continued to share their harrowing experience, viewers couldn't hold back from sharing their utter shock online.

One user wrote: "Our Father on Netflix is sick and I'm only 30 minutes in…"

Another said: "Now watching Our Father on Netflix. This man is sick in the head."

A third person added: "That Our Father on Netflix is messed up."

The comments come mere minutes into the new series which launched Wednesday, May 11, but the trailer itself grabbed a lot of attention in the lead-up.

Following the trailer it was described as "sickening" and "twisted" as viewers witnessed two minutes of different siblings sharing their stories.

A harrowing statement came from the Attorney General's office in the trailer which states: "I don't deny that there was a sexual violation. But legally there is no crime that touches this particular act."

The horror story revealed that there are now an estimated 90 half-siblings after the cruel acts of Dr Cline.

Our Father is streaming on Netflix now.

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