'This Is Us' Viewers Hopeful for 'No Big Surprises' During Last 3 Episodes: 'More Feels Than Twists' as Series Ends

With only three episodes left before This Is Us concludes its run on NBC, viewers appear hopeful for “no big surprises.” Many look forward to “more feels than twists” as the show ends after six seasons. While fans prepare themselves for the death of Pearson family matriarch Rebecca (Mandy Moore), they are hopeful the series will take the opportunity to explore the lives of her descendants before the series takes its final bow.

‘Family Meeting’ is the final Big Three episode

The series has often focused its storylines on the Pearson children, Randall (Sterling K. Brown), Kate (Chrissy Metz), and Kevin (Justin Hartley). Tonight is reportedly the final Big Three episode where the group works together to tackle a family issue.

The family gathers to decide where their patriarch should spend her final days. Now that Miguel is gone, Randall, Kate, and Kevin cannot agree on caring for Rebecca’s declining health.

However, it takes a talk with Kate’s ex-husband Toby (Chris Sullivan) per a teaser trailer video that puts the situation into perspective for Kate. This discussion reportedly comes after Randall shares he wants to move Rebecca into his home. Kevin says he will do anything to protect his mother’s wishes.

“I can’t decide what’s best,” Kate says to Toby via telephone of her family dilemma.

He replies that Rebecca chose Kate to fulfill her wishes if anything happened to Rebecca’s husband Miguel (Jon Huertas) for a reason.

‘This Is Us’ Fans are hopeful a series end with ‘no big surprises’ and ‘more feels than twists’


This Is Us viewers put their faith in the series writers and producers for the final three episodes.

They took to Reddit to express their concerns about potential “Big Three surprises?”

“Do we think there will be any major surprises about the Big 3? Or are we mostly filled in? Will there be death? Another split? Will we see into their futures and how their lives play out to the end? I know there are only three episodes left, but it’s still a lot of time for them to drop bombs,” they wrote.

“At this point, no. I think we’re in clean-up” mode now. The writers will tidy up the series by tying all the loose ends. Some big moments I’m sure but nothing too big or surprising. Essentially I predict the rest of this show will be more feels than twists,” a second fan shared.

“I’d like to see the regular everyday life of the big three family life,” a third fan penned. “Like how we saw so much of Jack and Rebecca’s regular life. But we’d connect more to the newer couples if we went through some of that with them, including Kevin and Sophie, Madison and Elijah, Kate and Phillip, Toby and Laura, and maybe Annie, Tess, and Deja. It’s a lot, but I’d love to see all that.”

“Right now, they will focus on Rebecca’s end-of-life care, her dying, and them all coping post-death. The last episode will likely fly into the future to show where the big three and their kids are,” explained a fourth Reddit user. 

Mandy Moore shared that fans will likely need a minute after the series ends

In an interview for the Today Show, Moore promoted her new album and spoke about the series finale of This Is Us. The actor warned fans they might need a minute to recoup after watching the episode.

“It’s a lot. It’s six years of our lives and telling the story of this family and a lot to let go of and say goodbye to,” Moore explained.

Today host Geist asked the actor if viewers might need to run to get extra tissues to prepare for the final episode of This Is Us.

Moore quipped that fans might “need to take a day off from work” after viewing the series finale.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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