Lorraine Kelly tearful as she gets on horse 10 years after horror accident

Lorraine Kelly got on a horse for the first time in 10 years on TV today, which proved to be an emotional moment for the ITV star.

She was trampled by a horse after falling from it during a charity challenge in February 2012, but now the much-loved presenter has overcome her fears.

On today's episode of Lorraine, the Scottish sweetheart confronted her fear of horses a decade after being trampled on by one.

Getting incredibly emotional and admitting that she felt "nervous" the 62-year-old showed viewers at home just how brave she could be when she took the plunge to get on a horse for the first time in 10 years.

Introducing the emotional VT, Lorraine admitted that she never thought she would go on a horse again, saying: "I never thought I would go on one again to be honest, but this one [sic] finally, with a lot of help, I felt ready to try."

With the help of Sir Lee Pearson, British para-equestrianism champion, the presenter went near a horse and got up close to one for the first time since her horror accident.

"This is a massive step forward, just actually standing here, so close," she said while petting Lee's horse Zion.

Lee then helped Lorraine build up her courage to get atop the horse, which she did with confidence.

After riding on Zion for a short while, Lorraine said: "It was much more emotional than I thought it would be, but, I couldn't have done it with anybody else apart from Sir Lee, he is just brilliant and gave me so much confidence.

"And that beautiful, beautiful horse."

Sir Lee then went on to add: "I'm so proud of Zion and really proud of Lorraine, very flattered that she chose my home and one of my horses to get over this remarkable incident that happened to her.

One fan took to Twitter to praise the TV favourite for her brave act, writing: "@lorraine Well done Lorraine! Getting back on a horse is something I'm still building up the courage to do. I was in tears watching you and the gorgeous Zeon [Zion]! #Lorraine."

Back in 2015, three years after her horror accident Lorraine wrote a piece for The Mirror, where she opened up about her ordeal.

She wrote: "I fell off and it reared up above me, sending its front hooves crashing down on my right thigh.

"I lay there in shock but I remember looking at my leg and seeing blood pouring from the wound. I was so scared, but when the paramedics arrived, they were amazing – the NHS at its finest."

"I do feel better for doing that, it's good to overcome your fears."

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