Honoured to know you Lorraine Kelly pays tribute to Deborah James after final post

Lorraine: Deborah James says she 'doesn't know how I'm alive'

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Deborah James, 40, made the sad announcement last night that there is no longer anything medical professionals can do for her amid her cancer battle. Lorraine Kelly, 62, took to Twitter to share her sympathies with the BBC broadcaster as well as offer her support at this devastating time.

Love you.

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine took to Twitter to comment on Deborah’s sad announcement, where she informed her followers that she doesn’t have much time left.

She wrote in view of her Twitter 697,300 followers: “Brave bright beautiful woman and her campaigning has saved lives. Honoured to know you lovely Deborah @bowelbabe – love you.”

Many social media users took to the post’s comments to share their sadness over the news about Deborah and to offer their support.

Bruceneodawson1 said: “Deborah I don’t know you. Words seem meaningless. For what you have gone through. Nobody can make sense until they have walked in your shoes to comprehend what you are thinking & feelings.

“For the ones you leave behind. With love, understanding compassion. Your love and kindness will live on in many people’s hearts.”

Positivitygal added: “I can’t quite take it in. Remarkable woman. The interview recently was wonderful, it must have been very difficult for both of you.

“Thank you @reallorraine & wonderful, amazing, inspirational @bowelbabe. Sending so much love.”

Judeanne66 commented: “Thank you Deborah for doing so much for the charities and for your spirit in support of people and community.

“Your loved ones must be so proud and you and your legacy will stay with so many.”

Deborah made the announcement on Twitter in view of her 47,800 followers.

She wrote: “The tweet I never wanted to write. The time has come to say goodbye.

“5 years to prepare doesn’t make it any easier. I’m under hospice at home care, & I’m spending my time surrounded by my family.

“Please buy me a wine to see me out and raise vital funds.”

The BBC broadcaster included a link to her funding page, which so far has raised an amazing £717,766.

Deborah said on the page: “So, I suppose this is the message I never wanted to get to! But it’s written with a vision that I’m truly determined to deliver.

“We have tried everything, but my body simply isn’t playing ball. Even with all the innovative cancer drugs in the world or some magic new breakthrough, I realise that my rollercoaster of a ride is coming to an end very soon.

“Your support in establishing the Bowelbabe Fund, continuing to spread the word, and smashing those poo taboos will forever be cherished!”

Those offering their support to Deborah on Twitter include Sky Sports Jeffery Stelling and BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker.

Deborah has built up an enormous fanbase since she was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer in 2016, which went on to become stage four, meaning it was incurable.

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