Gemma Atkinson speaks out as fans question why daughter was running around late at night

Gemma Atkinson is annoyed their kid sleeps when Gorka's home

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Gemma Aktinson has responded to fans who were left concerned by her two-year-old daughter Mia “running around” at night time. The Hollyoaks actress, who shares Mia with her Strictly Come Dancing star husband Gorka Marquez, says she lets the tot choose her own bedtime. 

“I’ve had lots of questions for Mia last night running around, bless her, like a mad git,” Gemma began in an Instagram video. 

“Some people asking what time she goes to bed, because obviously it was quite late. 

“We don’t really follow a strict routine with bedtime, I know some do and some don’t, we all do our best, but for me it’s just about if she’s tired, I am not going to force her to go to sleep if she’s not tired, because it just causes a load of havoc.

“She usually wakes up between half seven and eight regardless of if she goes to bed at eight or nine.

“Normally between eight and half past she’ll start winding down, which I know for some is really really late. 

“I just try to fit her into my routine. If I am going out, she can fall asleep on my bed on a load of coats like I used to do when I was little.”

Gemma continued to explain she has some friends who are much stricter with their children’s bedtimes, and they find that works well for them. 

“I’m quite chilled with it all,” she added. “My mum was quite chilled with us, though, so I think just do whatever works for you.

“I was told when Mia was little I had to wake her after so many hours for food, and I was like, ‘She’s fast asleep! If she’s hungry she’ll wake herself up, won’t she?’

“And she did, she always did!”

Gemma revealed sometimes Mia says she is tired at half seven, and sometimes it’s not until 9pm. 

“As long as she gets her sleep and is eating and resting, I’m all good!” added the mum-of-one. 

While she spoke, Gemma also left captions on the videos, including: “There was lots of ‘rules’ that I know if we’re lucky enough to have another baby id definitely be more relaxed about for sure!” (sic). 

She recently told New magazine that she and Gorka could well start trying for another baby soon, now that they have had to delay their wedding. 

“Gorka is literally on tour all of this year. We’ve only got four days off together,” said the Emmerdale actress. 

“He’s got the two Strictly tours back to back, and then he’ll be going on Strictly in the autumn. We don’t even have a minute to sit down and begin making plans!”

Gemma and Gorka got engaged back in February 2021, having met backstage on Strictly.

They were not paired together at the time, as Gemma was partnered with Aljaž Škorjanec, while Gorka danced with Alexandra Burke. 

But during the 2019 Strictly Christmas special, the lovebirds took to the dance floor together for the first time, having welcomed their daughter Mia earlier that year.

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