Owners share hilarious snaps of their cats sitting in strange places

Feline strange! Pet owners share hilarious snaps of their cats relaxing in VERY awkward positions – from perching on top of a person’s head to snuggling into a water jug

  • Bored Panda has shared hilarious snaps taken by cat lovers from the US and UK
  • The gallery features moggies who like to sit in the strangest of places 
  • Among the felines is one who likes to sit on top of their human’s head all the time
  • Another prefers making themselves comfortable by sitting on top of a yoga ball 

It’s thought cats will sit in any spot they can squeeze themselves into.

And felines in this hilarious gallery, curated by Bored Panda, have really taken the pursuit of finding somewhere to sit to the extreme.

Among the photos, shared by cat owners from the US and the UK, is a moggy who enjoys sitting on top of their human’s head. 

Another snap shows a cat cosying themselves up in a snug cardboard box, while a comfortable looking pet bed lies empty nearby.    

Here, FEMAIL shares the best photos showing the silliest cats who will quite literally sit anywhere they fit. 

This US-based moggy likes nothing better than sitting on top of their owner’s head proving how sweet the cat-human bond can be

Ever found fur in the most unlikely of places? If you have a cat, you may want to make sure they aren’t sitting in them!

It’s a well-known fact that most cats are not scared of heights. This cat, who lives in the States, is proof of that, sitting on top of a yoga ball, on top of a tall cupboard

A rubbish place to take a nap? This cat looked totally content when snuggling down in a bin

This cat, in the US, could have chosen to sit in his expensive bed. Instead, he opted to cosy down in a cold, hard, free, cardboard box

You wouldn’t have thought that squishing into a tight spot in between a box, vase, and windowsill would be a good place to nap, but this cat obviously thought otherwise

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It may take you a while to spot the moggy  in this photo, but once you’ve seen those beady little eyes, you won’t be able to un-see them…

This cat, from the States, seems confused as to whether she is a kitten or a boot, squeezing herself into a little spot on the shoe rack

Most cats don’t like the water. Perhaps this one does, or perhaps she is just trying to fit in with her surroundings and spy on the humans  

This sweet little feline, thought to live in the UK, made the odd choice to use a solid wooden door (instead of something soft!) as a pillow

That looks like a tight squeeze! This US-based moggy has chosen to ignore all the cosy spots in the house, and to pack themselves into a small, hard drawer instead

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