I’m a fashion expert and there are loads of trends which are instantly dating your outfit – they’re so embarrassing

FASHION is a fickle friend, trends come and go, and if you don’t keep up you can end up in styles that look rather outdated.

Luckily for us fashion expert Lydia Tomlinson is here to give us some tips on what styles may be making you look dated.

An all fitted look

According to Lydia the all fitted look belongs in the past – especially with the current trend of oversized outfits.

If you do go for this look though Lydia adds that it should definitely NOT be worn with heels: “It looks a bit old fashioned, and it looks a bit twee” she says.

Demonstrating this no-go look Lydia uses skinny jeans, tall heels, a tight low cut top and a fitted blazer.

One way to update this style for the current trend is to instead wear an oversized blazer and some loose wide leg trousers rather than jeans.


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Sticking to one style

Lydia suggests that going for an all feminine or all masculine aesthetic is not a good look for most people.

She adds that all feminine can be rather “dating” while an all masculine look may be “unflattering.”

Lydia argues that you should find a balance between these two styles for a more modern grown-up look.

An example of an all feminine look is demonstrated by Lydia wearing pearls, a headband, a silk pussy  bow blouse, pleated shorts and strappy heels.

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While this style may have been popular 5-10 years it can make you look rather outdated now. 

Instead, Lydia suggests adding some “sleek tailored trousers” as this will give a less “girly” look and you’ll appear far more sophisticated.

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If your previous style was more masculine with oversized shirts and trousers, Lydia suggests achieving this balance by pairing an oversized top with a pencil midi skirt.

Logo mania

We all remember to logo mania of a few years ago – big Gucci belts and Louis Vuitton bags were everywhere. This look has since been cycled out of fashion according to Lydia.

“When you pile the logos on top it’s just not a good look” she says.

Demonstrating this look she carries a Louis Vuitton that is covered in the logo, and wears Gucci sunglasses and belt. Lydia adds that while she looks each of these separately “when you combine them together it’s just too much.”

To update this look Lydia suggests less “showy” logos such as a bag with a more subtle branding, rather than the all over logo or print. You can also consider slimmer belts rather than the large ones that were previously popular.

Bright florals

While florals will always be popular in summer, Lydia suggests that the time of bright florals has gone, although she adds it’ll likely cycle back into fashion in a few years.

Demonstrating this look Lydia shows an outfit she had worn previously when this look was in style – a bright floral jumpsuit.

To update this look Lydia suggests switching to a different pattern, one example being paisley. 

She adds that with florals, and bright ones especially, it’s easy to go wrong. One way this can happen is with “big blousey florals” as this “looks a bit old-fashioned now.”

Fitted bouclé 

Another outdated look is the fitted bouclé jacket, Lydia states that this has been “done to death.” Adding that these were all over high streets shops for a number of years – particularly Zara.

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Like other fitted clothes these jackets have been pushed out by the new oversized trend. Lydia adds that you can replace a fitted cropped bouclé jacket with an oversized blazer for a more contemporary look.

Finally, Lydia points out that you may not want to throw these old and outdated items away as they may end up cycling back into trend in the coming years.

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