F1 presenter Steve Jones addresses ‘very unusual’ interactions with Daniel Ricciardo

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Steve Jones has opened up on his “very unusual” interactions with Daniel Ricciardo, an Australian Formula 1 driver. Steve told Express.co.uk Daniel is incredibly friendly – unlike a lot of “intense” F1 drivers. 

“Easiest to talk to – He’s such a charming, warm, and funny guy, and that’s Daniel Ricardo,” said Steve.

“He’s the guy you want to go for a pint with. He’s a very sweet guy, great energy, I love anything to do with him.

“He’s one of those guys, a lot of them are very focused, and I get it, it’s a big deal being a Formula 1 driver, they can’t stop and say hi to everyone, I keep my head down. 

“But Daniel goes, G’day mate, how are you doing?’ He’s very sweet. If you see him at the airport or on the plane, he will stop for a quick chat. 

“That is very unusual for a Formula 1 driver. I respect that a lot, he’s a top guy.”

Steve even revealed which drivers aren’t quite as friendly. 

“It’s not going to make me popular with F1 fans, but interviewing Kimi Räikkönen was an absolute nightmare,” he laughed.

“We do the same job, we interview people, we talk to people. When you’re talking to somebody and they are monosyllabic, that’s a nightmare, it’s not good, and it makes me look bad. He looks like a super cool guy, and I’m the guy who can’t get information out of my subjects. 

“It was a nightmare, it grated on me, the sunglasses and always being rude to people, not making eye contact. 

“You feel like it was an inconvenience for him to be there. 

“You’re a Formula 1 driver, people would give anything to have that! But he was like, ‘I can’t wait to go home, you’re getting on my nerves.’ That kind of vibe. 

“So I don’t particularly miss him at the track, I’ll be honest.”

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Steve admitted F1 drivers tend to be “intense” because they have dedicated their entire lives to the sport. 

“It’s a quality a lot of actors and musicians have,” said former T4 host Steve.

“I’ve interviewed those guys for a long time. But the difference with an actor is they can be interesting because they have a wealth of experience, they have been all over the world, the parts they may have done, researching various things. 

“So an actor tends to be interesting. Formula 1 drivers are different because they’ve done one thing. They were born to do it, they have sat in a car since they were four years old, it’s all they want to do and talk about. 

“You get an intense experience when you meet them because there’s nothing else to talk about. 

“Forget about asking them what they did for Mother’s Day, they will say, ‘I was driving.’ 

“They’re an unusual breed, I respect them greatly. I think they’re gladiators, very brave, I am just in awe of them. They are very unusual people.”

Steve currently fronts Perfect House, Secret Location, which is available to watch on All 4. 

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