Alfie Boe inundated with fan support as he cancels show due to family emergency

Alfie Boe talks about his suicide attempt on Freeze the Fear

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Alfie Boe, 48, has been currently touring in the US, scheduled to finish in Las Vegas before coming to the UK for his summer tour. The singer, however, has taken to Twitter to share some sad news as he’s announced he has had to cancel his Utah show due to a “family emergency”.

I am truly gutted.

Alfie Boe

Alfie took to Twitter in view of his 116,700 followers to share the announcement.

The statement read: “Update regarding my show in Utah on Monday 9th May.

“Due to a family emergency I am truly gutted to have to postpone my upcoming show in St George’s Musical Theatre, Utah on 9th May.

“My team is currently working on a new date and I just hope you can all make it.

“Thank you to each and every one of you for the amazing support and for the understanding.

“I will announce a replacement date ASAP. Lots of love Alfie.” (sic)

Social media users rushed to the comments to offer support to the singer during his “family emergency”.

@Anababe36 said: “Hope everything is ok Alfie, and hope whatever has happened in your family is not too serious.

“Family always comes first, I’m sure your fans understand and will be waiting for your return to the stage soon. Look after yourself and your family x.”

@SFay321 added: “Don’t worry about it friend. So sorry to hear there’s upset in your family. We’ll see you soon.”

@Elianebrasilrj1 commented: “I hope it’s just an unforeseen event and that everyone is well.

“Lots of love Alfie and lots of love to your family.”

Alfie has been taking part in BBC’s Freeze the Fear, with the star recently opening up on the show about his divorce from wife Sarah in 2020.

The opera singer explained he overdosed and ended up in rehab, as well as admitted he still missed his ex-wife.

He said on the show: “When my separation happened initially I went to a really dark place, it’s weird to talk about it, I’ve not spoken about this in public, but I am willing to if it can help anybody out there who needs that.

“I’ve gone through beating myself up and hating myself, not having any love for myself.

“It resulted in a foolish act of throwing some pills down my throat because I had lost my way.

“It was just one thing after another, travelling, on the road a lot, having to say goodbye for months at a time was hard.

“I ended up in a rehabilitation facility for about five weeks, and it was a scary time.”

Alfie concluded that he wanted to open up about his battle with his mental health so that he could help others in the same situation.

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