‘What do they do for UK students!’ GB News host blasts Oxford Unis Ukrainian scholarships

Stephen Dixon blasts Oxford University double standards

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As hundreds of thousands continue to flee Ukraine to seek safety from Russian forces, many have headed to the UK. And as such, Oxford University has now decided it will offer Ukrainian graduates a chance to study under a new scheme which will see courses and application fees waived, accommodation and meals covered, and a £7,500 grant to support costs. Discussing the plans, GB News’ Stephen Dixon, who presented Friday’s Breakfast with Anne Diamond, was quick to point out, however, that the same schemes aren’t offered to UK students.

“Can I say something controversial?” Stephen said after he and Anne had read the headlines dominating the news cycle.

“You know that… was it Oxford or Cambridge?” he asked to which Anne confirmed: “Oxford.”

The GB News host then laid out: “Oxford and the fully-funded Ukrainian grant – look, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all, 

“But what do they do for UK students?” Stephen pondered as his co-host too looked deep in thought.

He went on: “How many UK students get the support to get to a place like Oxford? 

“And I just wonder if – maybe there is! Maybe there are 100 places for UK students, I don’t know.”

Anne was quick to back her co-star up as she chimed in: “I don’t think so!”

Before Stephen continued: “But you know, I sort of think it’s all well and good doing it for other people, but what happens for our lot, I don’t know.”

And it appeared Anne was on board with Stephen’s point of view as she replied: “Presumably they’re paying for all of the tuition fees and anything like that, 

“And also £7,500 for living which is good, it’s a very good deal. 

“But yes, why for Ukrainian students and not British ones. 

“I mean there are scholarships and things like that but… it’s a good point,” she concluded.

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Defending the decision, Professor Louise Richardson said in a statement [via BBC] “Our community is united in our desire to do something to help.

“These scholarships represent our effort to provide an opportunity to students and academics whose scholarship has been disrupted by the war.

“We look forward to welcoming colleagues from Ukraine,” she concluded.

And it was a sentiment echoed by Baroness Jan Royall, Somerville College’s principal and chair of the university’s Conference of Colleges.

She added: “It has been inspiring to see the speed and unanimity with which the colleges have rallied to support this important new programme.

“In time, there will be more for us to do in order to lessen the impact of this terrible war.

“But this scheme will give Ukrainian students a chance to rebuild their lives now, which is invaluable.”

Breakfast with Stephen and Anne airs Friday, Saturday and Sunday on GB News from 6am.

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