Driver sparks outrage after blocking disabled parking bay with supercar and mocking people with disabilities

A HEARTLESS driver has sparked outrage after blocking a disabled parking bay with his supercar and mocking people with disabilities.

The moron tried to justify his despicable act by saying he was just popping into a store.

The clip, which has been doing the rounds on TikTok, shows the young driver hopping into his car which is parked in a disabled parking bay.

"I always park in disabled bays," says the idiot driver, who looks like he's in his 30s.

"I'm not a bad person. I'm a quick person. Most people are slow and stupid," he tries to reason.

"I'm fast. There were no people in wheelchairs trying to use this space in those 45 seconds it took me to buy this," he adds as he points a recently-purchased cable.


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"So no, no one loses."

The drop-kick of a man goes on to mock disabled people.

"Last time I took one of these spaces someone goes: 'Excuse me, are you disabled?'

"And I replied, I am, actually," the man said imitating a disabled person before breaking into a laughter.

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TikTok users wasted no time slamming the tasteless driver.

"People. Have a singular goal in life. Let’s raise our children better than this. Raise kind conscientious loving human beings," one TikTok user wrote.

"He is an awful person. He may just be a npc (non-player character) in the matrix. Don't pay attention to him," said another.

"Gonna be hilarious when he crashes the motor," quipped a third.

It comes as viewers slammed a dad's stormy reaction after a gender reveal ceremony.

The video went viral with millions of views, and thousands of commenters were torn over whether the dad was "acting like a two-year-old" or "just having an honest reaction."

C Fulton, already a mom to two young girls, shared the clip of her little family's gender reveal announcement for their third child.

In the video, Fulton and her husband stood with their two daughters and a plain black umbrella, moments away from learning if they were expecting their first son or a third girl.

When Fulton held the umbrella up, a shower of pink petals fell out, and she and both daughters cheered in delight.

Her husband, however, was visibly – and audibly – disappointed, saying "f***" and grumbling to himself as he stormed away.

"Serious question about these types of videos," one Twitter user asked. "What do you think it’s communicating to the other little girls when their dad reacts like this?"

"This just makes me sad," one woman wrote in response. "I don’t know how women choose men like this and look past it."

"If you hate girls so much why did you marry one?" another person quipped.

Others jumped to the dad's defense, saying he was "grieving" the chance to have a son.

"He’s more than likely just coping with missing out on a son. Something most men want," one reasoned.

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"This man genuinely want a son and had an honest reaction," another wrote.

"Of course having kids is a blessing if you’re ever so lucky. People always 'hope' it’s one or the other all the time," they added.

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