Stay calm and focused with this revolutionary 'chill pill'

Is stress giving you ‘brain fog’? Stay calm and focused with this revolutionary ‘chill pill’

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It’s the stuff of nightmares.

You’ve spent weeks studying and preparing for that big exam, work presentation or sales pitch.

But when the day comes and you need to be at your sharpest, you and your carefully crafted words and ideas are left blundering around in a brain fog.

Slow and fuzzy thoughts, poor concentration, forgetfulness, mental fatigue, words left hanging on the tip of your tongue… ‘Brain fog’ isn’t a medical term, but sums up a range of symptoms often caused by stress, anxiety or lack of sleep.

Have you ever experienced ‘brain fog’? While not a medical term, it sums up a range of symptoms caused by a range of factors – from stress to a lack of sleep

It’s something most of us will experience in our lives, commonly triggered by periods of intense pressure like GCSE or A-level exams, job interviews or work deadlines.

Some people also report brain fog while recovering from coronavirus or during times of hormonal changes like the menopause.

Meanwhile, the endless distractions of our smartphones and juggling a hectic schedule all make keeping our concentration focused much harder. 

Reducing the time spent on your phone, getting enough sleep, regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet can all help you stay a little sharper. Taking regular breaks or spending just 10 minutes a day meditating can also make a difference.

But when you’re feeling frazzled and have so many things to do you don’t know where to start, a ‘chill pill’ could be what you really need.

Fortunately, a real-life chill pill now exists – and it’s completely natural, thanks to key active ingredients identified by scientists in special strains of lemon balm, or Melissa officinalis (L.), from the mint family of plants.

Often used as a flavouring for its pleasant combination of lemon and mint, certain strains of lemon balm have been shown by scientific studies to support cognitive functioning while promoting positive feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. They also help to support and maintain sleep quality*.

FutureYou Cambridge have developed an advanced and effective lemon balm extract in an easy-to-take capsule called FocusZen+ 

Although lemon balm is easily available as a tea, you’re unlikely to enjoy all the benefits of its active compounds without drinking litres of it.

‘While it might have some effect on your mood, it’s unlikely that the lemon balm varieties found in tea would have a positive cognitive effect,’ says Dr Miriam Ferrer, PhD, head of product development at FutureYou Cambridge, a leading provider of science-backed food supplements.

With this challenge in mind, Dr Ferrer and the team at FutureYou Cambridge set out to develop an advanced and effective lemon balm extract in an easy-to-take capsule called FocusZen+.

Each FocusZen+ capsule contains 300 mg of organic lemon balm extract from varieties carefully selected for their effect on areas of the brain involved in learning, memory and cognition, and their ability to promote calmness and relaxation.

FocusZen+ also contains pantothenic acid, which contributes to normal mental performance and helps reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue.**

Human studies have shown that the vegan-friendly FocusZen+ brings about a measurable, positive effect within just one hour of taking it, lasting for at least three hours.

To help her deal with a stressful lockdown schedule, teacher Hayley Hale, 42, started taking FocusZen+ and would now recommend it to anyone looking to feel more ‘zen’ 

‘I was a bit dubious about taking supplements,’ recalls Hayley Hale, 42, who works in multiple busy roles in further education in North Devon. ‘I’m a qualified nutritionist and I’d always say it’s better to get what you need from your food.’ 

But in 2020, a difficult schedule of teaching under lockdown rules left Hayley feeling open to new ideas on how to manage her stress levels. 

‘I’m so busy all the time, and my sister said, why don’t you try this FocusZen+? It might make you feel better. At the time, I thought, ‘It can’t be true.’ But I started taking them, just to see.’

‘And what they say about it is true. I really start to feel chilled out about an hour after I’ve taken one.’

‘I didn’t think it would be possible. But I really do feel relaxed in myself, and I can actually focus better on things. It’s the lemon balm, that’s the active ingredient. I think it’s brilliant.’

‘I take FocusZen+ every day and it really does help. I’ve been taking it for about a year and a half now. I literally can’t not have it, really.

‘I normally take one in the morning after breakfast so I know that by the time I get on the bus to work I’m feeling quite chilled.

Rosmarinic acid is one of the key active ingredients in lemon balm, the main component of FocusZen+, which has been shown to have an effect on neurotransmitters that modulate mood and emotion

‘I recommend it to everyone if they want to feel a bit more ‘zen’.’

Although it’s not clear exactly how lemon balm acts on the brain, one of the key active ingredients in lemon balm is rosmarinic acid, which has been shown to influence neurotransmitters that modulate mood and emotion, as well as enhancing memory by acting on the hippocampus.

Other compounds present in lemon balm leaf extract are responsible for the efficient flow of information between neurological cells.

In one double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 25 healthy volunteers were given the lemon balm leaf extract used in FocusZen+. One hour after intake, the subjects showed a reduction in anxiety, improvement of alertness and working memory. 

‘I definitely feel it helps me concentrate’: Lindsey Peckham, 35, felt an improvement in her ability to focus after taking FocusZen+

‘I’ve always suffered with anxiety but during the lockdown it was a lot more heightened,’ says 35-year-old Lindsey Peckham from Cambridgeshire, a travel counsellor and Zumba instructor.

‘I’m one of those people who, if I have things on my mind, then I struggle to focus on anything else. And I was suffering quite badly with it.’

After a suggestion from a friend, Lindsey discovered FocusZen+ last year.

‘I started taking it every day. I definitely feel it helps me concentrate more on days when I’m struggling to focus.

‘I’ve started out as a Zumba instructor and I’ve been so nervous that I’ve quite often forgotten the routines. FocusZen+ has helped me with that and I find that I’m able to remember things.’

‘It’s a case of focusing on what needs to be focused on, instead of getting bogged down with worries. It definitely helps.’

As GCSEs and A-levels loom, students and parents across the UK will be grappling with exam pressure and performance anxiety. For some, just managing stress levels will be half the battle.

Only one in 10 people have tried a natural supplement to help them deal with stress, compared to two thirds who are open to the idea

‘Exam time can be very stressful for young people, and parents should try not to pass on their own anxiety,’ advises Helen Cox, head of sixth form at a large secondary school in Uttlesford, Essex.

‘Anxiety can lead to students putting off revision, so a good strategy is to help minimise stress and support their self-belief and wellbeing as much as you can. Whatever the outcome, there will always be options for them.’

Last year, FutureYou Cambridge commissioned its own research into how British people deal with stress, which discovered that only one in 10 people had tried a nutritional supplement to help – but more than two-thirds of us felt open to the idea.

‘It was interesting to learn that,’ says Dr Ferrer. ‘And it suggests that a lot of people aren’t aware that a science-backed supplement could help.’

‘So we’ve decided to let people try a free pack of FocusZen+ for just the cost of the postage, so they can find out for themselves. We hope that a lot more people share a positive experience like that of Hayley and Lindsey.’

*Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) helps maintain… cognitive functioning / contributes to optimal relaxation / helps maintain a healthy sleep [on-hold claim ID: 2085]

**Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) contributes to normal performance and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

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