‘I want one!’ Royal fans go wild for ‘brilliant’ knitted Queen Elizabeth doll – ‘so cute’

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Many Britons will be getting ready to celebrate the Queen’s time on the throne as the Jubilee celebrations draw closer. Some have shared images of their “brilliant” knits of the Queen, sending royal fans into a frenzy.

A picture was shared by ‘RoyalFamilyGB’ on Twitter which sparked conversation.

The account shared a picture of the knitted Queen captioned as “a knitted Queen Elizabeth II”.

The toy was dressed in her signature pearl necklace with her black handbag.

The post had an impressive 381 retweets and more than 6,000 ‘likes’ at the time of writing.

It also gathered many replies as fans shared their reactions.

Posting on the social platform, ‘Fifi’ said: “OMG!!! I want one!!! You ladies knitted these or bought them?”

The post was met with mixed replies as some stated they had made their own while others shared links of where to buy.

In the comments, one user replied to tell royal fans where fans can purchase the instructions to make their own.

They shared a special knit of the Queen wearing a yellow coat and matching hat, also carrying her favourite black bag.

A step-by-step guide of how to make the Platinum Jubilee commemorative toy was available from ‘Knitting by Post’ for £3.99.

Responding to the original post, Twitter user Tony Gibson wrote: “I love it and I think young George would too!”

“Brilliant! Now please can you knit two huge shire horses for Queenie to stand between,” Julie McHamish added.

Lynne Eden simply wrote “gorgeous” while ‘Royal Palace View’ said “she is so sweet”.

Judith Smith agreed and wrote: “I need one so cute.”

One more claimed it had made their day and called for budding knitters to make them.

‘Queens no1 fan’ wrote: “OMG!! These knitted Queens are amazing!!

“Could anyone knit one for me? Absolutely [love] them! Willing to £££ for charity… #mademyBHMonday!!”

Another posted “this is really lovely” while one more branded it “absolutely adorable”.

To make a toy of your own, ‘Knitting by Post’ suggested using: “75g yellow, 25g cream/flesh, 10-15g dark grey. Oddment light grey and white.

“Length of red and black. Piece of cardboard. Toy stuffing.”

The entire doll if knitted by their description would have an approximate height of 25cm.

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