Anderson .Paak Celebrates Artists Worldwide With New Track “Yours to Take”

Anderson .Paak has dropped a new song as part of Budweiser’s Tomorrow is Yours to Take campaign. Celebrating what it means to hustle and chase success, the campaign connects creatives located around the world and gives them the opportunity to showcase their work on a global stage.

Representing those determined to achieve their artistic dreams, .Paak’s new single, entitled “Yours to Take,” is featured in Budweiser’s video highlighting creatives working across industries. Among the lineup is French soccer player Sean Garnier, Brazilian rapper Xamã, Swedish fashion designer Julia Dang, Colombian graffiti artist Wanda Pot, Argentinian singer Lara91K, Brazilian graphic artist Gabriel Massan and British drummer Louise Bartle.

“My new music for the campaign isn’t just a song, it’s an anthem! The way I see it, it’s like a rallying cry to those who are DONE listening to all the reasons why their dreams are impossible,” .Paak said of the project. “Trust me, I heard all those naysayers too, but I kept myself motivated and did my best to ignore the haters very step of the way.”

“My hope is that Budweiser and I can reach artists, designers, athletes and creatives – everyone! – all over the world who are ready to take the first step on their own path to greatness.”

Hear Anderson .Paak’s new song in Budweiser’s “Yours to Take” video now.

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