Disgraced Duke! Jennie Bond’s brutal take on Andrew ‘Hes a toxic brand now – tainted

Queen's Jubilee: Eamonn Holmes on Prince Andrew balcony debate

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Jennie Bond joined Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster on GB News to give her view on whether Andrew could be stripped of his royal titles next. She stated very few people want to be associated with the Duke of York however, she added the Queen is likely to stand by her son whereas Prince Charles will not be bothered if his brother losing his royal title.

Eamonn asked: “Does it matter Jennie, good morning, lovely to see you, does it matter that he’s been stripped of this title?

“Obviously it’s very embarrassing.”

“Yeah I mean that’s it,” Jennie replied. “It’s another humiliation for him.

“He is now known really as the disgraced Duke. It just proves Eamonn, he is a toxic brand now.

“For all the suggestions he might have a role, or go back to a public role, the suggestions are that it’s what he would like, I think the door is absolutely closed on that.

“People don’t want to be associated with him. His charities, his patronages, and now the city of York do not want to be associated in any way.

“They say, it’s a stain on their city. He’s tainted.”

Isabel cut in: “Okay Jennie, there’s those who are saying, ‘Is his royal title next?’ That’s too far isn’t it? Because it would come down to parliament, it would come down to Her Majesty as well.”

“Yes it would have to be an act of parliament, to go through both houses and the Queen would have to give her consent,” Jennie explained.

“This is her son, she is the Queen but she is also a mother. A mother who very much loves all her children.

“People say maybe Andrew is the favourite but I don’t know if that’s true but she has shown her public support for him by having him walk her into Westminster Abbey for the memorial service for the Duke of Edinburgh.

“Mothers stand by their children don’t they? I doubt it will go far but the calls are growing. There are multiple petitions in York for him to stripped of that Dukedom, which will be extremely rare.”

Eamonn asked: “Jennie, you said mothers stand by their sons but would brothers stand by their brother?”

“I don’t think so,” the royal expert noted.

“I think if this got to Parliament I don’t think Charles would stand up for his brother and say, ‘No you mustn’t take his Dukedom away.’

“There is not a huge bond between [Prince] Charles and Andrew I don’t think and the other siblings.

“I mean I am sure they love him as any other family loves their siblings but I don’t think they will, in any public way, stand by him for him to come back into public life.”

It’s not known if Prince Andrew will play a large role in the coming Platinum Jubilee celebrations but after he accompanied the Queen in Westminster, he could make an appearance.

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