Coronation Street's Charlie de Melo reveals clues on Toyah and Imran's ending

Charlie de Melo’s character Imran Habeeb has faced weeks of stress and emotion in Coronation Street.

After discovering Abi (Sally Carman) had traumatically given birth to his baby son, Alfie, Imran decided to keep his new child a secret from Toyah (Georgia Taylor).

However, during a meeting with a social worker, Toyah revealed she knew Imran slept with Abi.

Since then, there’s been a lot of hurt, tears and anger from Toyah and Imran but in a recent episode, things changed.

Toyah has agreed to get back together with Imran so they can fight for sole custody of Alfie, convinced Abi isn’t a fit mother and can’t look after him.

This decision left many viewers shocked, with some wondering if Toyah was planning to destroy Imran by getting his hopes up that he will have a happy family.

Determined to win the custody battle, Imran has resorted to paying a dodgy paralegal in order to make it look as though Abi is back on drugs.

It’s a desperate and dark time for Imran but as Charlie reveals, it’s discovering this secret that could spark the end to Toyah and Imran for good:

‘Ben has been tailing Abi for Imran to prove she is taking drugs. When Dean approaches Abi to get some drugs she pays him off to stay away. Ben has photos of this and shows them to Imran, he knows what the pictures really show but he is prepared to lie in court for Imran. This could be the moment that Imran crosses a line and if Toyah were ever to know then it might be the end for them. I’d like to think he wouldn’t do it but as he is desperate and selfish.’

As their wedding approaches, drama is of course on the way as Charlie adds:

‘He knows that Toyah does have a deep rooted moral code and also is worried about Abi so there is always the chance that Abi could get to her. He also knows that other people have been against the wedding so there is every chance that this could be the thing that makes Toyah take a long hard look at the situation and change her mind.’

Abi manages to sabotage the wedding somewhat as she jumps into the wedding car and drives off with Toyah inside.

Given everything Abi has been through, she is capable of a lot and for Imran, this is a terrifying moment:

‘He has no idea what Abi plans to do with Toyah, he knows that when she is desperate she behaves in an irrational way and he is genuinely fearful for Toyah’s safety.’

Something tells us Imran won’t be getting his happy ending as Charlie’s exit is on the way.

But the question is, who will be responsible for making him lose everything and everyone?

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