'Rust' Armorer Distraught Directly After Shooting, Says Her Lawyer

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer on the set of “Rust,” was completely beside herself after the fatal on-set shooting that killed Halyna Hutchins … this according to her attorney.

Hannah’s lawyer, Jason Bowles, tells TMZ … one of the first things she asked Lt. Benavides after the shooting is “Are they okay?” and “Is she okay?”

Hannah’s in the body cam footage … pretty clearly distraught and breathing heavily as she speaks to the lieutenant. Hannah talks to another crew member as she looks like she’s panicking and grabbing her hair, telling them she’s been yelled at several times already … unclear what about.

A cart containing the rounds is wheeled up to Hannah … as she attempts to show the lieutenant the rounds in question, she says she’s “so scared” while seemingly hyperventilating. She then starts to cry while apologizing for what happened.

Other footage shows Hannah calling the event the worst day of her life.

At one point, she asked to be taken to a squad car away from her coworkers, saying, “I just want to get the f*** out of here and never show my face in this industry again.”

As we reported, the footage is among hours released by the Santa Fe County Sheriff on Monday, including the body cam taken of Alec Baldwin concerned for Halyna Hutchins.

Law enforcement’s investigation into the shooting continues, but both Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed have been named defendants in civil litigation stemming from the incident.

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