I'm a real-life mermaid and can hold my breath underwater for four minutes

A REAL-LIFE Princess Ariel who swims with sharks and turtles has learned to hold her breath for four minutes to amaze kids in her shows as a mermaid.

Naomi Trott, 37, uses a monofin to swim with the sea creatures in aquarium displays nationwide.

A strong swimmer since childhood, she still trains for five hours a week to keep in shape and ­practise holding her breath.

Her personal best is four minutes and seven seconds.

But her greatest joy is seeing her young audience’s reaction.

She said: “It’s incredible seeing children’s faces light up when they see a real-life mermaid.

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"It’s magical. We’ve got radio contact with the staff on the other side.

“One said, ‘When you went down there, there was a little girl and she said, ‘Mummy look there’s a ginger mermaid just like me’. I cried, it was just so wonderful.”

Naomi, of Bristol, has performed part-time since 2019.

She loves swimming with animals but said: “We have to be careful with what we wear, that there’s no glitter or beads that could harm them.

“We are guests in the ­animals’ home so they take priority over what we wear.”

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