Sophie Wessex has ‘serene’ body language during ‘challenging tour’ – ‘business as usual’

Countess of Wessex almost has sunglasses knocked off by a bird

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Sophie and Prince Edward’s royal tour to the Caribbean has experienced some backlash due to demands for reparations from slavery and the Royal Family’s historical part to play in colonisation. Kate Middleton’s tour to the Caribbean in March with Prince William was criticised for its optics and supposed colonial imagery. However, despite the naysayers, Sophie Wessex appears to be “serene” according to a body language expert.

The Earl and Countess visited the Botanical Gardens on April 23, 2022 in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines.

There, Sophie could be seen handling a parrot with much ease.

However, St Vincent’s national bird, the Amazona guildingii nearly knocked off the Countess’ sunglasses at one point.

Judi James, a body language expert spoke exclusively to to analyse Sophie and Edward on this royal visit.

She said: “Sophie had one hand placed elegantly on her chest in a gesture of apparent admiration and appreciation of the bird she had sitting on the other, outstretched, hand.

“Here, Sophie looks the epitome of calm, serene and experienced royalty on this challenging tour with her husband.

“The moment needs to be seen in context to appreciate the level of calm though,” Judi noted.

She added: “As Sophie walked into the aviary and began to look around, a rather large bird decided to swoop at her head from behind.

“It dislodged her shades from the top of her hair and made her duck in what looked like fear.

“Her expression of trepidation was still firmly in place as she was urged to hold the bird on her hand.

“But, in true stoic style, she gradually reverted to a look of enjoyment.

“She quickly got back in control of the situation and the stunning bird after dumping her shades and re-directing her focus,” the expert claimed.

What did all this reveal about Sophie’s body language?

Judi said: “To be as unflappable as Sophie while being flapped at was clearly a sight that amused Edward.

“The Prince stood holding his hat in both hands before holding his own hand out for the bird to perch on.

“We can see him studying his wife with a tilt of the head.

“This suggests he is trying to catch her eye to laugh over the small fright.

“But Sophie looks determined to adopt a business as usual approach.

“This could be her inner mantra as the couple try to navigate any controversy and make this a successful tour on behalf of the Queen.”

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