Spoilers: Jean dead in EastEnders horror wedding drowning?

There are tragic scenes coming up on EastEnders, as Jean Slater (Gillian Wright)’s mental health reaches crisis point.

Jean has been excitedly planning her wedding to Harvey (Ross Boatman), but after he gets bad news about his son Aaron Charlie Wernham) and Jean seems unsympathetic, Harvey finally realises that what Stacey (Lacey Turner) has been trying to convince him of is true – Jean isn’t well. He tells her he can’t think of wedding plans right now as he has to focus on Aaron.

But Jean is apparently still determined that the wedding will go ahead.

The next day, Stacey is worried when Billy (Perry Fenwick) tells her he saw her mum in her wedding dress, and she told him she was getting married today. Stacey and Martin (James Bye) search the Square for Jean, but after talking to Harvey they realise that she is heading for Southend.

At the seaside town Jean is enjoying herself, getting compliments on her wedding dress and visiting the funfair.

When Stacey and Martin finally track her down, Jean is on the beach making her way to the sea. A frantic Stacey runs after her, carefully and gently trying to encourage her to move away from the water as the waves start to lap at the hem of Jean’s white dress.

Jean begins to realise that she’s unwell and she tries to resist Stacey’s help – but as she steps into deeper water, will Stacey be able to get to her in time?

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