Two-bed house goes on sale for £60k – but it needs a major cleanup

A two-bedroom house for just £60k?

We understand if your ears have pricked up.

But before you get too excited about this particular property opportunity, you might want to take a peek inside.

The home, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, is piled high with rubbish, dirt, and discarded items, ranging from unopened letters covering the doormat to unidentified blown grime in the bathtub.

Basically, while it may look nice from the outside – and have a decent amount of potential – it’ll need a lot of work to make it a liveable space… starting with a declutter, followed by a hefty amount of scrubbing.

We’ll give you a quick tour.

On the ground floor is the living room, where you’ll find peeling wallpaper hanging down from mouldy-looking walls, bricks, books, and some high-vis clothing. Oh, and a lot of empty beer cans (Strongbow, we believe?).

We can’t see the floor, as it’s completely covered with rubbish, but we doubt the carpet’s in great shape.

To the side of this is the kitchen, complete with a wonky hanging blind, more abandoned post on the floor, and some slightly worrying walls. There is, however, a fridge and a kettle. Freebies!

Head upstairs and you’ll find one of the bedrooms, currently stocked with yet more empty cans, bags of rubbish, and a seriously troubling duvet on top of an uncovered mattress.

Also on this level is the bathroom, which is a real treat.

Spot the mysterious brown substance in the bathtub, the toilet cistern missing its top, the left-behind toothbrush in the sink, and the many toilet roll tubes. Fun.

Upstairs again and there’s another bedroom, this time with its bed stacked on its side against the wall.

Future owners will get to enjoy the left-behind video tapes and net curtains, too.

There’s a cellar as well, which, we’ll be real, we’d rather just avoid. It doesn’t look like a nice place to be.

The property, is set to go under the hammer with Auction House.

The Rightmove listing states: ‘This two-bedroom back to back terrace has been neglected in recent times.

‘It’s now in need of a complete refurbishment and is sure to appeal to the many developers in the market seeking an affordable project.’

The auction will take place on May 11.

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