Prince Harry Was Not Comfortable and Wanted to 'Disappear' During Hoda Kotb Interview, Body Language Expert Says

During the Invictus Games in the Netherlands, Prince Harry spent some time giving an interview to journalist Hoda Kotb. The interview has attracted mixed reactions from people and was also analyzed by body language experts.

One guru looked at the Duke of Sussex’s posture during the interview and shared that he showed signs of wanting to “disappear.”

Prince Harry gave updates on his life during the interview

Harry has been living a private life in California with Meghan Markle and their two kids, Archie and Lilibet. During the interview with Kotb, the duke gave some updates on his life. 

He opened up about fatherhood, sharing that he loves “every part of it,” though he admitted that working while having kids can be a challenge. Harry also stated that a big desire of his is to “make the world a better place” for Archie and Lilibet.

Additionally, after living in Montecito for two years, Harry now sees the United States as his “home.”

Harry also talked about visiting Queen Elizabeth before the Invictus Games. He revealed that he and Meghan had tea with Her Majesty and that it was “great” to see her. Harry made headlines when he shared that he wants to make sure she is “protected” and has “the right people around her.”

Prince Harry was not comfortable and wanted to ‘disappear,’ body language expert says

According to body language expert Louise Mahler, Harry’s posture during the interview was not one of comfort.

“Prince Harry is always trying to disappear into himself,” Mahler said on Australian show Sunrise. “My favorite thing there is he’s leaning forward, but his back is crinkled. This means that his breath isn’t working. And he opens his arms, but he immediately snaps them in.”

She added, “And then you notice that he puts his hands on the inside of his knees and sort of tries to withdraw. They call that turtling—trying to go back into your shell … The man wants to disappear. He’s not comfortable.”

Prince Harry also showed ‘animosity’ when asked about his father and brother, another expert says

In one part of the interview, Kotb asked Harry if he misses Prince Charles and Prince William. However, Harry dodged the question and talked about the competitors at the Invictus Games instead.

According to body language expert Lillian Glass, the duke displayed some “animosity” when Charles and William were brought up.

“To reveal his clear animosity towards his brother and dad when asked if he missed them he doesn’t even answer the question and at least say yes,” Glass said (via Express). “He says look I am here. It is a hostile response as he reveals his anger towards them.”

Glass added, “Then he goes on to further ignore the question and brings up the families of the Invictus participants and makes himself into some type of hero in his own mind that he wants to help their families and give them a lifetime experience.”

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