Russian TV uses picture of resort to show life 'returning to normal'

Putin’s state TV stooges use picture of a RUSSIAN resort to show life ‘returning to normal’ in occupied Ukrainian city of Kherson

  • Russian TV channel NTV illustrated a report about Kherson with photos of Yeysk 
  • It claimed that life in Kherson, held by Putin’s troops, returning ‘back to normal’
  • The channel used images of Yeysk – a resort town in western Russia – in report 

Vladimir Putin’s state TV stooges have been caught out using a picture of a Russian resort to show how life was apparently ‘returning to normal’ in an occupied Ukrainian city.

The NTV channel has been accused of ‘lies’ over its report into the ‘normality’ of life in Kherson after it misleadingly illustrated its report with a picture of a totally different place – Yeysk in Russia, some 400 miles away.

The staunchly pro-Kremlin channel claimed that Kherson, held by Putin’s invaders, is calm and peaceful despite the war raging in Ukraine.

Russian TV channel NTV used these happy scenes from Yeysk in Russia as it tried to claim that the occupied Ukrainian city of Kherson was ‘returning to normal’

REALITY: A Ukrainian soldier stands outside a school hit by Russian rockets in the southern Ukraine village of Zelenyi Hai between Kherson and Mykolaiv earlier this month

Ukrainians protest against Russian troops in Kherson, Ukraine. Russian TV boasted that life in a Ukrainian city now occupied by Vladimir Putin’s forces is coming ‘back to normal’

‘In general, life in Kherson, after the nationalist militants left, gradually comes back to normal,’ boasted the NTV presenter.

‘Mums with pushchairs walk in parks, children play in playgrounds…Shops, petrol stations and markets work normally.’

The only problem was that the channel highlighted its report with an image of Yeysk, a resort town on the Azov Sea in Russia.

This provoked fury from Ukrainians in the occupied city where there have been protests about the Russian takeover.

A post read: ‘Well, what would you, Putinoids, say to this?

‘In today’s news, Yeysk is on the photo, but it’s passed off as Kherson.

‘Residents of Yeysk, show this video to your elderly grandmas, grandpas, and parents who swallowed Putin’s lies.

Footage still shows Kherson, Ukraine, filmed on April 20, 2022. The staunchly pro-Kremlin channel claimed that Kherson, held by Putin’s invaders, is calm and peaceful 

‘This person who’s been sitting on the throne for 22 years with mass rigged [elections], cannot be the president.

‘This is a dictator with unlimited power, and there have been no good dictators in all human history… ‘

NTV is owned by Gazprom Media, part of the Russian energy behemoth.

Other reports indicate that Kherson is far from the paradise NTV imagines.

Some petrol stations remain closed and there were queues at others.

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