‘I’m glad I joined OnlyFans in my 30s – younger women sacrifice sanity for cash’

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A sex worker who earns up to £10,000 a month says young girls on OnlyFans earn significantly more than her – because they sacrifice their sanity.

Andrea Derrick spent her 20s working as a beautician before making the dramatic career change in her 30s.

And she said joining saucy platforms as a more mature woman has allowed her to make prudent decisions of what she will and won’t do for money.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, she said: “Before doing this I spoke with other girls and the way they talked I honestly thought I would be earning more money than what I am.

“But I’ve since learned… What are these girls doing? How far are they going?

“Some of the stuff gets pretty crazy and that’s when I understand why they are making up to £40,000 a month.

“But those girls are literally doing something all of the time. They are always on the phone, they are up all night webcamming and doing all that stuff.

“I want to have a little more of a life than that. I’ve opted to have a little less money to have a little more of my sanity.”

The mum, who lives in Dallas, Texas, joined raunchy subscription sites – namely Fancentro – two years ago to try and give her family a better life.

She now rakes in much more than her previous salary – while also having a more comfortable work life balance.

Andrea said: “A typical day for me is I wake up and go to the gym. I shoot content for my platforms for three to four hours, six days a week.

“It could easily become overwhelming but I block out two time periods to check my messages, I do it in the morning and I do it in bed before I go to sleep.

“I put that out there to my fans too so I don’t become overwhelmed. It also means I can give them the full attention they deserve when I’m messaging them.

“To be earning what I do now has been life-changing.”

But warning younger creators on racy platforms, she added: “If I was to have done this early in my 20s I think I would just be like those other girls sacrificing myself for more followers and more money.

“In the end that sacrifice never really works out well for you. I take a little bit of a different approach.”

Last week Andrea revealed how men told her she was “too old” to become a successful sex worker.

This happened during a humiliating photoshoot.

She explained: “It was a couple of years ago when I first started and a photographer was doing some videos and photos for me to get me going.

“We were talking about the business and OnlyFans and he told me I would never make it in this industry.

“I was very shocked when he said it and also the way he said it. It was very rude and I asked about it and he just said I was too old, even though I didn’t look at it.”

She added: “He said you needed to be 21 to 25 to succeed. He was trying to make me feel like I wasn’t cut out for it.

“I thanked him for his opinion and I decided against shooting with him and I moved on. I thought you were totally wrong and I’m going to show you why.”

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