Rachel Zegler Shares How Boyfriend Josh Andres Rivera Helps Keep Her Grounded

Rachel Zegler is dishing on her beau Josh Andres Rivera!

The 20-year-old takes the cover of Elle magazine‘s May Rising Star issue, and she opened up about facing online criticism and how her West Side Story co-star and IRL man helps keep her grounded.

See what she said inside…

“It’s hard, but at the end of the day, you have to remember that, at least in my case, I’m the one with the confidence to go out there, and show my face, and be myself, and I’m getting paid,” Rachel said about criticism and online hostility. “I’m working, doing what I love…and it’s all I’ve ever wanted in my entire life. I’m really excited to share myself in that way, and let them all talk, you know? Let them all talk. I lead with love, and that’s all I can really tell the world.”

“There’s always this deep understanding of what I go through. Since [his experience was] on a different scale, he’s able to bring me back to earth and tell me when it really doesn’t matter,” the Snow White star told the mag of Josh. “Because he’s removed from it to a certain degree, he’s able to just snap me out of it, and tell me to stop checking my phone, or remind me of what actually matters, and remind me to be present, and to not focus on the opinions of 3,000 faceless strangers on the internet.”

Rachel and Josh were last seen attending the Grammys together earlier this month, just days after it was announced she will star in an upcoming animated movie.

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